Dedicated Space: Where you work has changed a lot. People have traded in the cubicles for home office spaces. Find a lightly used area like a spare bedroom, closet, or even a loft or basement, and create your new space using office furniture and cabinetry. It’s best if you can close off your space for privacy or for kids to do schoolwork.

Flexible: If you work with a laptop, or at home just part of the time, move your office around from the kitchen island to an outdoor workspace. Change it up! Keep it fresh!

Sitting, Standing, or Both: Pick a desk height that can be versatile. I like a taller desk that allows me to utilize an adjustable chair, or I can stand up to work. 

Focus on the Task: While bare bulb lamps look great, they are uncomfortable on the eyes. Choose something with a shade and have it at the opposite end of the desk so it doesn’t put a glare on your screen. Windows and sunlight are your friends.

Zoning: Create areas for printing, storage, supplies, reading, paperwork, a computer, and keyboard. Keep it organized.

Keep it Cozy: Add a jolt of color and create an office landscape. Use some eye pleasing patterns and grab home items, such as a coffee cup for keeping pens on your desk. Add baskets to hold papers and mail for a clutter-free desktop.

Working at home can be a relaxing experience from the hustle and bustle of an office. It not only inspires creativity, but it can help you reach peak productivity. Use these helpful tips to create the home office you’ve always dreamed of!

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