If your post-holiday home is feeling a bit bland, try these tips from Korie Bock.

It’s that time of year  again. The holidays are over. Your company has come and gone, the food has been eaten, the presents are all opened, and it’s time to take down your decorations. Your house that was full of lights, spirits, and cheer now seems empty and drab. Spring feels like it is impossibly far away, and the mid-winter blues are starting to creep in.  

Don’t despair! This is the perfect time of year to do some simple updates on your home to keep those sad feelings away. Freshen up your home in time for spring with these tips. 

Update Your Carpet or Area Rug

After the wear and tear on your floor from holiday visitors, you can swap out your carpet. A nice neutral option with lots of texture can help warm up the room. If you don’t have wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs can be an inexpensive way to add depth and color that can be switched out.  

Replace Light Fixtures or Bulbs

Lighting can play a big part in how your room feels and functions. Take a look at your fixtures. Do they put out enough brightness? Do you have the right kind of bulbs to create a happy space? Or do you just need something new? If your current fixtures don’t offer an adequate amount of light, you might consider adding in something more dramatic. Also, different bulbs can make a room feel warmer and brighter. Many of us are still using the standard, bright-white CFL bulbs, which can be a little harsh. Using an LED bulb with either warm white or soft white will give your space a snug glow. Don’t forget to look at the lumens on the bulb when shopping — the more lumens, the brighter the light will be. 

Rethink Your Window Treatments

Let the light shine in! Take a look at your current window treatments. Do they allow plenty of sunlight to stream through? If not, consider changing to something with a sheer texture. You no longer need to use heavy drapes to achieve privacy. Today’s window treatments have some great options that are multifunctional — they let the light in when you want, but also give you privacy when you need it. Consider cellular shades with a top-down, bottom-up feature, a roller shade paired with light curtains, or a Hunter Douglas pirouette shade that gives you functionality and choices.

Adjust Your Accessories

Rotating out pillows, adding throw blankets, moving wall décor, and adding greenery are all inexpensive ways to make your home feel more cheerful. Another great idea is to order large prints of some family pictures and hang them on your freshly painted walls. There is nothing better than having your loved ones’ smiling faces surrounding you.

Paint Your Walls

While you were taking down your decorations, I’m sure you noticed your walls could really use a fresh coat of paint. What better way to get you feeling cozier than applying a warm paint color? Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is 2102-70 First Light, a soft, rosy hue. This is a perfect choice to add a lively, positive vibe to your space. And if soft pink just isn’t for you, pick a shade of your favorite color that puts a smile on your face. Paint is a fast and inexpensive way to totally change any room.

Create a feel-good Mood Board

Consider Benjamin Moore’s color of the year, First Light. 

Pull together soft shades that can stand alone — or hold their own next to other hues. Add in other accents with new flooring options.

Pictured: Tigressa carpet; Appalachian maple hardwood; patterned hexagon SOCI tile (varying styles & pattern available); Soldid Hexagon tile in WOW Blanco, available at Scruggs Lumber

Korie is an Interior designer at Scruggs Lumber.