Advice from 6 local experts on what makes for awesome flavor




Italian Restaurant & Lounge

“We make our wings fresh to order. They take a little longer to prepare, but it makes it worth the wait. Our wings are not so hot that you can’t taste the chicken.”
— Mark Arcobasso, owner

Hot wing flavors offered at Domenico’s include: buffalo or Cajun.

Sauce recipe:

• 1 cup butter (or margarine)
• 1 ½ cups hot sauce (Louisiana Hot Sauce,Frank’s Red Hot or your choice)
• 3 to 4 pounds of wings

Mark Arcobasso, owner


Prison Brews


Microbrewery & Restaurant

“There are no other wings like ours in town. We have the only sweet and spicy sauce that is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy, and we make it in house. Our wings keep our customers coming back.”
— Steve Whitner, general manager

Prison Brews offers its wings two ways, including: sweet and spicy and a house recipe dry rub.






“We use select hickory wood and our signature seasoning to slow smoke our wings. We then flash fry each order to give them a crispy texture. Just like all of our delicious meats, our wings are prepared fresh daily and are served straight from the smoker to the table.”

— Austin Craddock, owner

Bandana’s Bar-B-Q offers its wings three ways: seasoned, sweet and spicy barbecue or buffalo style. Many customers enjoy adding one of Bandana’s five signature barbecue sauces to enhance the flavor even further.


ECCO Lounge

Gourmet_ECCORestaurant & Bar

“We use our sauce on pork tenderloin and several other dishes as well. Lots of customers want it on the side for dipping. We make sure our wings are plump and juicy wings through a two-step process. Sally puts a very high standard on everything.”
— Joe Jaegers, kitchen manager

Sauce recipe:

• 3 parts honey
• 1 part Sriracha
Ecco Lounge offers four options on its wings, including: Sriracha and honey, buffalo (medium), teriyaki and Stoopid Hot.



Paddy Malone’s

Gourmet_PaddyMalonesIrish Pub

“What makes our wings special is we first start with a quality product; if you don’t have good meaty wings, it doesn’t matter what else you do. Second, we make all of our sauces in house; if a restaurant is using a premade sauce, then there is nothing special about the wings. Third, wings need to be served hot from the fryer, tossed in the sauce and to the table in a matter of
a couple of minutes.”

— Allen Tatman, owner

Paddy Malone’s serves four varieties of wings: traditional buffalo, Guinness barbecue sauce, spicy Asian and spicy peach.




Gourmet_JPfennysSports Grill & Pub

“‘Good people deserve good wings’ is our motto. We make buffalo wing that everyone loves. All of our sauces are made in house.”
— Jessie Chesire, manager

Hot wing flavors offered at J. Pfenny’s include: honey barbecue (sweet and spicy), Asian (teriyaki blend), poblano (ginger pepper based, spicy but not overpowering), dry rub (sweetened with a touch of cinnamon and sugar) and Candied Japs ( jap and sweet tai chili sauce).