Kyrell Newell
Director of Nextgen Ministries, First United Methodist Church

“After our neighbors renovated their home, they had my wife and I
over. We had wonderful conversations about doing home renovations, and we just got to know them and spend quality time with them.”

Bria Lackland
Student, Lincoln University

“My most memorable experience with my neighbors was when we had a conjoined summer cookout. We got to know them on a deeper level and realized how similar they were to my family and me.”

James Reinkemeyer
Special Populations Coordinator, Jefferson City Parks & Recreation

“My most memorable experience has got to be that my grandparents live not even a mile away. My twin and I would always walk over there to visit and have my grandma make us cookies and other goodies!”

Amari Anderson
Student, Lincoln University

“When I was growing up, I had a neighbor across the street named Marcus. He was about two years older than me, but he acted like he was two years younger. He was literally my best friend from the age of 8 until he moved out when I was 14. I remember there was a blizzard in 2011, and my father took my siblings, Marcus, and his sister to go sledding. Marcus was trying to drag us off of our sled while we were going down the hill, and then, some other big kid ran him over with theirs. It was funny because he was being a jerk, but it was also funny because he had to wear my mother’s snow pants, which were four sizes too big, so when the sled hit him, his pants went down. The experience truly restored my faith in karma.”

Merideth Johnson
Adult Services Consultant Library Development, Missouri State Library

“Moving into the neighborhood, we hadn’t had a chance to get to know our neighbors Dave and Liz Minton very well. On a whim, we decided to ask them to celebrate my 33rd birthday with us and they agreed. We had such a rip-roaring good time! When I woke up the next day, I asked my husband if we had to move. Since that day, we have celebrated the last three birthdays the exact same way. They even called the Easter bunny to request he stop by their house so my boys wouldn’t miss out in 2020 when we were unable to see our families. There are so many wonderful people in the Vineyard Square area, but the Mintons will always be extra special to us.”

Jabari Hubbard
Student, Capital City High School

“I was in fourth grade and one of my neighbors, who I looked up to, tried to bully me. We played football outside and it was time for a kickoff. The same neighbor (who was in 8th grade) told me not to kick the ball because it would hit his roof. I proceeded to kick the ball and it flew over his house and missed his roof. Upset that I didn’t listen to him, my neighbor came over and pushed me to the ground. Afraid and very upset, I balled my fist and punched him in the face, and then I ran as fast as I could to safety. We eventually talked, and I realized violence is never the answer, but the bullying stopped, and he treated me differently (nicer). Oh, and my neighbor and I are still good friends to this day!”

Keara Gaitan
Admission Recruiter, School

“Thinking of my best
memory with my
neighbor, it was either the day before or after my birthday. My neighbor had brought a book over to my home. She said they always give a new neighbor a book and I had allowed them to do the same. Once they are finished with the book, they pass it off to another person they think would benefi t from it.”

Ashley Pederson
Real Estate Agent, Ashley Pederson Team, Promo Realty, LLC

“I was pregnant, and my husband and I were loading wood onto our trailer from a demo. I had slipped on a pair of flip-flops to beat the heat. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the nail poking up out of a board as I stepped onto the trailer and I nailed my flip flop right to my foot. I screamed! My howling had our neighbor Ken Hussey and my husband running over. Together, they lifted me off the wood, leaving the nail in the board and my flip flop no longer joined to my foot. When I think back to that story, I remember how wonderful it is to have neighbors around when you need a helping hand.”

Omar Safir
Sr. Research Specialist, Austin Nichols Technical Search

“The most memorable (repeat) experience I have with one of my neighbors actually involves their dog! I’m convinced my neighbors plan ahead to let their dog outside (without a leash) when they know I am also walking outside. Each time, their dog immediately runs up to me and squeals like a pig. He then begins to roll around on my shoe and hops on my knee so that drool blesses my pants leg. Lucky for him, I like dogs and have a washing machine.”