Time and the aging process is something we can’t stop, but we can help slow it with cosmetic fillers.

Cosmetic fillers are a great way to enhance areas of the face or simply restore volume that time took away. They can volumize the cheeks, sharpen the chin and jawline, volumize the lips, and soften unwanted wrinkles. Done in the right hands, cosmetic fillers will help bring back a younger, more youthful version of you. Injecting filler is an art that requires precision, ongoing training, and an eye for detail. For the best results, it is important that you choose a professional who is highly educated and stays current with the latest techniques.

Remember that fillers only replace volume — They don’t stop the movement of the face, which leads to a different kind of wrinkle. If you have wrinkles created from repetitive facial expressions, then you may want to look at Botox as your best option.

The goal isn’t to have people notice you have filler, it’s for them to compliment your natural beauty. At Genesis, we take great pride in helping you achieve a natural look. Come in and let us see what options are available for you!

Cosmetic fillers are a great way to help you turn back time when they are used correctly. Do you notice the person staring at you in the mirror has a few more lines than before? Are you seeing an image of your parents or grandparents looking back at you?

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