Matt Amick
Director of Market Development,
Missouri Soybean Association

I was an accomplice in an elaborate scheme to fill the inside of a coworker’s truck with corn on his wedding day. We may have put a little bit in the vents. For the next few months, he would be driving and a random corn kernel would pop out — a fun reminder of his beautiful wedding day.

Kourtney Highfill
College Student & Employee,
Kids Unlimited

The best prank I have ever pulled was when I managed to get into Kacy’s (my twin sister) keyboard shortcuts and I changed the settings so that every time she typed the word “I” it would autocorrect to “April Fools.”

Matt Allen Owner, MRA Construction
I thought it would be a good idea to put “help” on the bottom of one shoe and “me” on the other bottom of my buddy’s shoe when he got married, so when he knelt down during the congregation, we would see the “help me” on the bottom of his shoes.

Robert Ndessokia Activities Director, Capital City High School
All I can say is that I have a twin brother, and there were some good perks! Sometimes, teachers and other people would get us confused and we would take advantage of that at times — depending on the situation.

Abby Farrow Assistant Manager/Barista,
High Rise Bakery

The most painstaking prank I’ve helped pull was when I was a student in high school. During a camp, we put red SOLO cups filled with water in them all over the floor of one of the rooms. There were so many cups that no one could walk in or out. It took way too much time, but it was a fun prank.

Rachel McClain
Cosmetologist, Magnify Salon

I don’t necessarily have the best prank. I do, however, have my most consistent prank I play often. Because of my industry, I have many mannequin heads at my fingertips, and I enjoy using them to frighten people. I’ve hidden them in the shower for my children, in closets, under their beds, or outside their windows— just for the terror. But, my favorite prank is leaving them in the beds of hotel rooms whenI check out. I build a body out of pillows with the mannequin head peacefully sleeping on the pillow. Unfortunately,I never get to see the housekeepers’ faces, but my imagination expects that it is unbearably hilarious!

Mike Hall
Science Teacher and Assistant Football Coach, Blair Oaks High School

I really like to play pranks — especially on my football players. I often send a fresh manor two to turn on the lights, which keeps them running around the field looking for a switch that doesn’t exist. I’ve also sent players to turn on the field drains during a downpour that suspended practice. But, one of my favorites was sending one of our senior players over to do an interview with a reporter who had no idea why this young man came over and started standing in front of her camera.

Mackenzie “Kitty” Walker Owner/Head Dog Wrangler, Kitty’s Critter Care
Last year, we pulled April Fool’s Day pranks on the dogs at Kitty’s Critter Care. We put plastic wrap over one of the doorways. When we opened the door, they all stopped, stared, barked, and had to problem-solve until one daring dog finally decided to stampede through it. We also had one of the teachers dressed in one of those blow-up T-Rex suits and did the blanket challenge where we made the dogs think their teachers disappeared from behind a blanket.

Darlene Simpson
Advertising Representative, Jefferson City Magazine
My favorite prank was on me! I have many treasured Christmas ornaments that have adorned my tree since I was a child. My special glass wreath ornament has an adorable angel that hangs on a glass hook in the middle. One year in Kansas City, an old roommate and I decorated the tree. I lovingly placed the angel wreath on the tree, and then the angel disappeared one night. I was so upset. We turned that house upside down looking for the angel. A couple of days later, the angel appeared back on the hook of the glass wreath. To this day, my friend swears she did not put the angel back, and neither did I. Part of me just knows this was a practical joke she played. Or was it something else, like a playful, loving spirit?

Wes Lochhead
Performance Coach/Personal Trainer/FitnessEducator/Reel Actor Influencer, Studio 573

In my senior year of high school, a buddy and I got out of school early and took all four wheels and tires off of my then-girlfriend’s friend’s Geo Metro and set it up on blocks. Needless to say, the girl was completely distraught and began crying immediately. We laughed our butts off and then reattached the wheels and tires so she could be on her way. That’s probably the most efficient prank I’ve ever pulled. But, I scare people all the time, including elderly people.

Ally Bess & Andy Pederson
Students, Trinity Lutheran School

While we were heading to Colorado to go skiing with our cousins, we played a little prank on them and pretended we weren’t coming on the trip anymore. We called them and acted like we were really sad because our grandma was sick and we had to stay home with her. They totally fell for it and were so surprised when we ran up to them in Colorado and told them it was a prank!

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