We have such a beautiful community no matter where you are — whether it’s the Northside, Southside, Eastside, Westside, Missouri Boulevard, downtown, or Old Munichburg. Our community is rich and diverse, with so many options to choose from when dining, shopping, and living! We’re so lucky that our community is intimate in geographical size because many of us have the opportunity to experience all the different parts of town on a daily basis: You may live on the Eastside, but work on the Westside — and your favorite morning coffee spot may be downtown! 

Many might take advantage of how unique and special it is to be able to explore these different areas so frequently, but when you stop and think how rare that really is for a community, it just might make that drive across town your favorite part of the day.

Amber Brondel
Amber Brondel

I have the pleasure of working at United Way on the west side of town, tucked behind Hy-Vee and next to the West YMCA. And I have to tell you — the Westside is rich with culture, history, and hidden gems while also thriving with new residential areas. From locally owned shops to franchises and corporate businesses, you get a taste of everything. 

Lunches are especially busy as you drive past Hy-Vee and come upon the highway — and it’s no surprise why! You could fill your lunch hour by shopping at a variety of places, getting a tasty bite to eat (at a sit-down place or fast food joint), or taking a breath of fresh air as you walk on some beautiful trails or through the parks. Sometimes I even try to do all three in one lunch hour!

If I had to describe the Westside in one word it would be classic. The businesses have a clean and classy feel, and most have been established for a number of years. New houses and subdivisions continue to pop up around the borders as families see the value in having so many great options in close proximity to their homes. 

Westside drone image of Jefferson City Missouri
Westside Photography by Levi Willis

I’m so glad I work on the west side of Jefferson City, because before I took this job, I did not have a lot of exposure to that side of town. In fact, when I look at all the different sections of town, it’s the Westside I used to be the least familiar with — and boy has that changed! If you’re someone who can relate to being unfamiliar with this area, I highly encourage you to spend your next Saturday on the Westside. Drive through the beautiful neighborhoods, visit some shops, walk the trails, and end your day by treating yourself at one of the delicious eateries. 

Even if you can’t spend all day, you can try to do it within a lunch hour!   

While you’re in the area


Amié B. and The Orchid Emporium
3004 W. Truman Blvd.

Domenico’s Italian Restaurant
3702 W Truman Blvd., # 225

Runge Nature Center
330 Commerce Dr.