What do you miss from the good ol’ days?

Olivia Kucsik
Freelance Writer, Student, CITY Mag, Dogwood Social, and Campus Coworking Space Intern

I miss getting to curl up on the couch to “Project Runway,” or some other trash reality show, with my mom, Roberta.

Ryan Bohl, CPA
Managing Member, Bohl House, and Samek CPAs

I miss watching Michael Jordan play basketball.

Bahshi Traylor Jr.
Realtor, Downtown EXP Realty

What I miss the most from the old days was definitely playing sports. Football and wrestling showed me so much and made me into the man I am today. I feel that those sports definitely improve people more mentally than physically.

Tia Bethards
Student, Lighthouse Preparatory Academy

What I miss is that many people used to own their own farms. Some people still do, but it’s not as common to see a farm with a family living on it. Everyone knew each other in the community, and there was usually a church, school, store, and people went to neighbors when they needed something. In all, I miss the simplistic community of times past.

Dennis Heckman
Project Manager, Civil Design

I miss just riding my bike all over Jefferson City as a young child. At 10 years old, I would get on my bike and ride for an hour to play four video games at the arcade downtown (4 quarters = 4 video games). These were simpler times.

Travis Reynders
Project Coordinator, Gary Sinise Foundation

I miss the anticipation of a movie coming out in theaters — waiting in a line that stretched around the corner for tickets because all I might have seen was a movie poster. I also miss going to see a movie multiple times while it was in theaters because I loved it that much. For kids who loved movies growing up, the theater experience was everything… going with my dad, the whole family, or my friends after school on a Friday. The new “Top Gun: Maverick” was the closest I have come to that in a long time. And I got to experience it with my dad!

Sandra Hentges
Marketing Director, Central Bank Jefferson City

Hand-written letters. I have a box full that my husband wrote to me weekly when we were dating, and I love the memories in them. They are wonderful stories for our now-adult children. Those letters are a throwback to a time (the 80s) when things moved at a slower pace. There was less instant gratification and anxiety and more patience because waiting was part of our lives.

Suzanne Luther
Chief Incubator, Neighborstay Project

I miss Central Dairy Chip n’ Dip, duh. I know it hasn’t been off the market that long, but I intend to complain about the demise of the best dip ever for the rest of my life, so that should count.

Carl Landwehr
Co-owner, Easton Publishing & Founder, Vitae Foundation

With all the advanced communication tools and techniques we have available today, people are becoming less effective communicators. People today are becoming more comfortable looking at their cellphone screens than eye contact. Young people today are not learning how to reach someone at the heart and soul level through their eyes. Back when I was growing up, eye contact and a handshake meant everything.

Lisa Smith
Head of School, River Oak Christian Academy

I miss the good old days when time moved slower. Christmas felt like it would never arrive, summer days were long, and the minutes until the final bell would ring felt forever long.

Melinda Wrye-Washington
Senior Director of Programs, Special Olympics Missouri

I grew up near the Lake of the Ozarks, and I miss the old Bagnell Dam strip: concerts, water slides, mini golf, a haunted house, roller coasters, arcades, airbrush T-shirts, souvenirs, pizza, Larry Don, Tom Sawyer, Commander, helicopter rides, candy, Skee-Ball, bumper cars, and more.

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