Xander Thorsten
Student, Belair Elementary School

I practice being green by reusing and repurposing things for crafting. I never throw anything away, and I do my best to not use as much water when I brush my teeth.

Eric Rogers
Owner, Mr. Showroom, LLC

The way that Mr. Showrooom practices being green is by recycling all plastics and paper. We also have a donation box that we take to the Salvation Army for items that clients do not wish to possess anymore.

Sabthana Resuma
Student, Lincoln University

How I practice being green in my life is by making sure that I recycle. I make sure to reuse my water bottle if I can’t dispose of it in one of the many recycling bins on my college campus.

Erica Bisig
Manager of Educational Programs,
Missouri Hospital Association

I recycle and use reusable containers as often as possible. I also like to purchase items and clothing secondhand from places like The Snob Shop Exchange or Goodwill. Not only am I getting a good deal, but I can also repurpose those items and save them from going into a landfill.

Rebecca Miller
Copy editor, Oakdale Editing

My philosophy is similar to the principles I live the rest of my life by. First, the best practices are the ones I’ll actually do. Second, doing something small is better than doing nothing at all. Third, the only person I can control is me. I bring as few unnecessary things into my life as possible and avoid as many chemicals and single-use products as I can. Then, I reuse or recycle the things I can’t avoid. Small changes add up, and ultimately, I findI don’t need as much as I think I do, especially if it’s long-lasting.

Rhonda Allen
Assistant Principal /Intern, Lewis and Clark Middle School

I practice being green regularly. Simple steps to be green go a long way! I consider myself a pretty artsy person, so I always reuse cardboard for new art projects and old scraps of computer paper. In everyday life, I try to turn off electronics when they are not being used, recycle whatever I can, and pay all bills online to cut down on paper. Also, I live close to the school where I work, so I plan on walking to work whenever I can!

Brandon Scott
Co-owner, Haute Salon

As Jefferson City’s only certified sustainable salon, being green is a part of our daily culture! All of our hair clippings, leftover color, foils, wax, all aluminum and plastic items are repurposed, recycled, or turned into energy. We also use all LED lighting, glass straws, recycled shopping bags, and we make it a priority to partner with sustainable, clean beauty brands.

Brandy Bryant
President / CEO, Jefferson Bank

At Jefferson Bank, there are so many ways that we encourage being environmentally responsible! Of course, we offer online bill pay and paperless statements, but my. favorite way that we help the community “go green” is our annual Shredfest, which we host in the fall. It isa way to dispose of confidential documents while recycling and keeping large amounts of paper out of our landfills. Oh, and I’ve always considered myself “green” because I’m a Blair Oaks Falcon!

Stephanie Owen, LMT
Owner, Stephanie Owen’s Chair Massage

I practice being green by reusing all of my Amazon boxes. Also, I plan my errands out in a way that uses the least amount of fuel, so that I’m not wasting gas. Oh, and I love going thrifting and secondhand online shopping. Who doesn’t love looking fab and saving the planet at the same time?

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