What motivates you to work hard?

Dane Hughes
Owner, The Front Row Film

Knowing you are creating something that people will look back on throughout the course of their lifetime.

Carol Angerer
CPA, Managing Member, Abbott & Angerer Certified Public Accountants

I come from a longline of workers — it’s practically all I know. I feel rewarded when I can help others succeed. Knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of those who are around me is what keeps me going!

Emmarie Graham
JCHS Senior

Knowing that the effort I put in now will have an impact on my success in the future keeps me motivated to work hard.

Stephanie Johnson
Executive Director, Special Learning Center

So many children in our community work hard to overcome obstacles. I believe it’s my responsibility to work even harder advocating for them! I’m blessed to have a career working for local nonprofit organizations serving children and families.

Phaedra Blaize
Assistant Athletic Director, Digital Brand Strategy, Lincoln University

That feeling you get when you see a project come to life after work-ing on it for so long.

Jayne Dunkmann
Central Bank, Director of Communications

I was raised on a farm in Tebbetts, Missouri. My parents worked by an unspoken work ethic, “Don’t work until you’re tired, work until it’s done.” My parents worked hard, and because of them, I work hard — it’s how I was raised.

Quinten Rice
Entrepreneur at Avenue HQ, JQ’s on High, Q Entertainment, Stitt-Barony, The SPACE, and musician with The CherryPistols and Murphy’s Ford

Knowing a finished project will help the betterment of an entity helps me work hard. Creating unique platforms for overall success helps build better products, and I enjoy getting to be a part of it. Challenges also motivate me. This can be something as simple as picking up trash on a sidewalk to bringing new life to a neighborhood with anew business.

Steve Houser
General Manager, U.S. Rents-It

My parents, my family, and the desire to push my limits! Being productive was always important in my household. I believe there’s been a horrible decline in the younger generation. It’s my job to display this for my own children and help them realize the benefits that come along with it. My wife has always worked very hard, she’s successful, and I’m honored to work beside her. I believe you have to push the limits to find out what you’re capable of. Don’t settle!

Alexis Dunwiddie
Student, Jefferson City High School

Well, my nana has always, and will always be the strongest woman I know. She was so strong and supported me every step of the way while she was here. Being the best female wrestler I can be, hopefully getting a scholarship, and leaving my name on the wall of records as something for my kids to strive for…that’s what inspires me to work hard.

Alexia Goodson
REALTOR®, AI Real Estate Group – Columbia Real Estate

I see my achievements as me having the ability to learn new things. Also, having a sense of belonging is one of a few things that helps motivate me to work hard. Over time, I have learned to set small goals for both myself and my team. When I have target goals set, and then they are met, I never forget to celebrate each win.

Olakunle Oni, MD
Pediatrician, Capital Region Physicians -Pediatrics

I believe hard work is a means of achieving success, and hence, requires both diligence and motivation to obtain. My internal motivation to work hard emanates from my vision to be as successful as I can be and to try and improve the quality of life for my patients.

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