What icebreaker do you use to strike up a conversation?

Corey Mack
Owner/Dentist, Core Family Dentistry

“Have you been on any trips or taken a vacation lately?” I love to hear about the places people go, and it gives me ideas for my next adventure.

Deb Brown

“What is the most fun thing you have done in the last month?”

Serese Y. Smith-Haxton, M.D.
Medical Director of Women’s Health ServiceLine & Chief of Obstetrics Subsection, Capital Region Medical Center

My icebreaker at a party would be, “So, are you having a good time at this party?”

Braeden Short
Student, University of Notre Dame

The first thing I’d ask to ease the tension is, “What do you like to do for fun?” Personally, I. could talk all day about what I like to do. It’s a mood booster! It puts people at ease to talk about something they are familiar with. Works like a charm.

Sarah Osborne
Bartender, Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar

A good conversation starter for me is a compliment. I’m always one to build someone up and make them feel good about themselves. Simply asking someone something about how their day was is another way to start a conversation.

Chelsea Skidmore
Freelance Graphic Designer, Chelsea Creations Co.

Starting conversations can be hard, especially if you feel out of place in social settings. Something that always helps me when breaking the ice is to approach the person of interest with a compliment. Engaging in this type of conversation typically leads to positive results that leave both parties feeling joyful.

Christopher Scott
Agency Owner & Registered Representative, Farmers Insurance

My usual conversation starter is, “What’s new with your job, charity, or project?” I love learning more about the people around me. I find that most people open up easier when talking about something important to them. Starting the conversation in this way also allows me to find connections in common and find ways to help them with what is important to them.

Susan Neill Dawdy
Director, Membership & Special Events, Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce

That’s easy for me since I work at the chamber. I am always curious to know what business, or type of work, someone does. People love to talk about their business! I have found that Jefferson City has so many interesting businesses, and I have actually been at a lot of them for ribbon cuttings in my 30 years at the chamber!

Clay Broughton
Mortgage Marketing Director, Central Bancompany

“Yes, The Colonel is my dad.”

Kim Slaughter
Practice Administrator & Property Manager, Riverbend Dentistry

I am not shy, to say the least. I love asking people questions about themselves, and I will throw in a genuine and personalized compliment! After meeting someone, I try to introduce them to someone I already know while repeating something they just told me. It surprises people every time!

Kevin Wilson
VP, Advancement, Athletics, & Campus Recreation, Lincoln University

“Tell me about yourself!”

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