Caleb Roberts
Senior Software Engineer, DoorDash

I would check an item off my bucket list — a week-long trip to Alaska with my wife to see the Northern Lights.

Heather Henke
Owner, Onyx Aesthetics

I’d buy my entire family a trip to Rome and Greece because I love making memories with the people I love most.

Mark Randolph
Partner, Courtyard by Marriott and Fairfield Inn & Suites

A racehorse! And for her to run in the Kentucky Derby.

Joe Mosley
Sales Manager, Capital Sand Company

My definition of extravagant is pretty simplistic: a sustainable piece of land with a bucolic view and a small cabin on it. Oh, and a hot tub. Why not? 

Tiffany “Bunny” Bax
Integrative Medicine Nurse and Creative Artist, Retold Tales Used Bookstore

My first thought was an elaborate library, complete with a plethora of vintage books, a fireplace, and ladders on tracks to explore every book and its bindings. Yet, the thought of travel proved even more enticing. Splurging for my love and me to see the places that our favorite books describe would be most extravagant . . . now, where to find a solar-powered jet plane on a dreamer’s budget?

Darianna McGee
Student, Lincoln University

If I could buy an extravagant luxury item, I would buy a Mercedes G-Wagon in all white with chrome detail. 

Gabriel Salinas Luna
Graduate Assistant, Missouri SBDC at Lincoln University

I would travel the world! More specifically, I wish to visit several countries, immerse myself in their language and culture, try the regional cuisine, and experience their traditions and festivities. I would love to visit India to experience the diversity in its regions; Italy to try its cuisine; Greece to learn about its history; Colombia to visit its beautiful beaches; China to celebrate its festivities; etc. Traveling would mean learning, growing, enjoying, and experiencing the beautiful world we live in. 

Kelli Wolfe
Operations Manager, Mid America Bank

I would splurge on a Jeep Grand Wagoneer with all the bells and whistles.  My kids are grown, and I no longer need a big vehicle like this, but something about this SUV is special.  Just looking at one makes me happy, so I can’t imagine what driving one would feel like.

Isabel Kolb
Real Estate Agent, Joyce Bremer Group, Re/Max Jefferson City

​​I absolutely love to travel! So, if I’m dreaming big, I would definitely have to say a private jet that can take me anywhere at any time.

Jacob Robinett
Associate Engineer, Missouri Public Service Commission 

I would splurge on a backpacking trip all over Europe, and I would spend extra time in Ireland and Germany because those are the countries of my lineage.