What is your favorite moment from the past year?

Jeff Delong
Owner, Custom Screen Printing & Embroidery

My favorite moment from 2021 was our family and friends trip to the Mackinaw area of Michigan. We spent a week in a beautiful lake house through VRBO and enjoyed great weather, sites, and conversation. The sunsets are priceless!

Erica Choinka
Legislative Director to the Speaker of the House, Missouri House of Representatives 

I define success as being better than you were the day before. If I can live my life each day trying to be better than the day before My favorite moment (so far) in 2021 has been when my husband, Matthew, and I found out that I was pregnant with our first child. Although I’m sure that moment will be replaced when we get to meet her!

Gideon Duren
Student, Jefferson City High School

A lot of great things have happened this year, but I think some of my favorite moments were when I was hanging out with my little brother, Jedi. He is fun, energetic and smart. We spend a lot of time together, but swimming at the pool with him during the summer are some of my favorite memories.

Nadia Navarrete-Tindall
Native Plants Specialist and Associate Professor, Lincoln University

As I learn more about the nature I love, the moments that I cherish most involve seeing the results of nurturing our little ecosystem at home, starting with our native plants and resulting in the variety of insects and other wildlife that depend on them. My husband, Randy, and I have a whole collection of these precious moments, all coming from this larger moment in our lives of watching nature thrive around our home.

Darrin Young
Assistant Athletic Director and Head Boys Basketball Coach, Capital City High School

My favorite moment from this past year was watching our boys basketball team win their first conference game vs. Battle High School at home.

Dr. Shinal Patel 
General Surgeon, JCMG

The last year has brought many favorite moments, but there is one that really stands out. I was talking with one of my patients, and she told me how truly thankful she was for my honesty and approachable manner. I’ll never forget that, and it’s the type of relationship I hope to have with all the families who are under my care.

Gail Severance
President, Temple Beth El

My favorite moment was when the Temple Beth El Board decided to resume conducting services in person. After a year of celebrating Jewish holidays on Zoom, it was delightful to see and visit with members of the congregation in person again. We actually gained some remote members during the pandemic, so our services will continue to support local and Zoom attendees indefinitely.

Lindsey Rowden
Family Care Specialist, Freeman Mortuary

Definitely handing out diplomas to the JCHS Class of 2021. Graduation may be the end of a student’s high school career, but it’s also the beginning of so many other things. While some are recognized for accolades and athletics, others are recognized as the first in their family to receive a diploma. Graduation holds so much promise for the future of students and our community – and I’m thankful to be a part of it!

Dr. Taylor Goldammer
Pediatrician, JCMG 

Working with children makes every day full of exciting moments. As JCMG’s newest pediatrician, I love getting to know each family and caring for the children of Mid-Missouri. I reminisced recently with a young patient about the trip my goldendoodle, Remy, and I took to Asheville this summer. To see her eyes light up brought me so much joy.