What is your best life hack?

Janice Houser

Janice Houser
Director of Weddings and Events, U.S. Rents-It
Over the years, I have found that zip ties rank right up there with duct tape when it comes to an all purpose fix, and I always have them available. I use 12” ties all the way down to 4” ties. If I need to hold something together, I use a zip tie. They are my go-to gadget when I’m working. I’ve even been known to tie my hair back with them!

Mileah Wilson & Bella Knipp
Students, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
We learned our best life hack from YouTube! After you boil and drain your Velveeta shells (noodles) and are ready to add the cheese, you cut the package across the top and then put the pouch in the pot while holding onto the uncut side. Then, place the lid over the pot and the pouch, pull out the pouch from between the lid and pan, and voila!   

Tijera Safir
Project Coordinator, Council for Drug Free Youth
I use a little bit of nail polish to identify my keys. This way, I can see which key I need quickly because each is painted with a different color.

Mario Pitts
Facility Supervisor, The Linc
I bake my egg whites in a muffin tin rather than cooking on stove top. It’s easier, prevents the mess, and it only takes about 20 minutes to make. This also helps with meal prep so you’re not having to cook each morning.

Courtney Siebeneck
Manager, Carrie’s Hallmark
One hack I use is when I don’t have anything to drain my grease into, I create a makeshift bowl with aluminum foil to line the drain and pour the grease into the bowl. After it cools  down, you can just throw it away!

Jetawn Smith
Owner, Care Planning Solutions
As a small town girl that likes to sit outside in the evening, I enjoy the summer breeze, but I dislike mosquitoes! I put a fabric softener sheet or two in my pocket and that keeps the mosquitoes away. 

Rich Bode
Owner, Bode Sauces & Seasonings
When buying ground beef in bulk tubes, separate it into 1-pound zip-lock bags and flatten them with a rolling pin before sealing. The flattened packages stack easier, take up less freezer space, and thaw out much faster when ready to use.

Erin Fennewald
Senior, Missouri State University
I’m always trying to find easier ways to do my hair and makeup! I found that using dry shampoo the night before is way more effective for fresh looking hair. I also try using it before and after my workout. A good hair day has never done me wrong yet.

Daren Dean
Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, Lincoln University
If you have a drawer or box of random cords and wondered what they went to — I’ve got the solution for you! Save your toilet paper rolls and repurpose them to store those cords in. They also work great for headphones. 

Pat Cramer
Resident, Heisinger Bluffs

My days start with a quiet time talking with my Lord. That lasts for quite a while. I am then ready to start my day filled with peace and joy.

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