If you had a whole day outdoors, where would you go and what would you do?

David Steinmeyer
I’d go to Washington Park, and I’d play tennis.

Laurence Hogg
Community Equity and Inclusion Program Manager, Jefferson City Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department
If I had the whole day outdoors, I would like to spend it with my family. I would start off the morning with a barbecue while watching my boys play in the yard with my wife and daughter laughing and talking. We would be enjoying a nice mix of new and old school music with a nice breeze coming through. Then we all would eat the food on the patio in the sun with the view of the birds flying and trees blowing.

Kevin Lohraff
Manager, Runge Conservation Nature Center
If I had a whole day, I would go floating on one of our beautiful Missouri streams. For me, that can include going fishing, swimming, picnicking, and sometimes even camping on a gravel bar. It makes for a great day of complete relaxation!

Isabel Duren
Student, Lewis and Clark Middle School
I would go for a bike ride on the Greenway Trail and maybe take some sidewalk chalk with me. I love to eat Central Dairy at Community Park and run through the splash pad. And if I still had time, I really like swimming at Riverside pool.

Dave Williams
Lieutenant, Professional Standards Office, Jefferson City Police Department
If I had a whole day outdoors, I would spend it riding my motorcycle. There are multiple places here in Mid-Missouri that offer amazing rides. Being able to be out and enjoying the small, local towns is what makes the outdoors the best.

Visshva Anto
Student, Capital City High School
I would spend time outside and play tennis. Tennis is a sport I recently picked up. I was a football player and track athlete before. Since starting tennis, I’ve never looked back. It has built a lot of character in me. The sport taught me to be patient and capitalize on every opportunity I arrive upon, whether on or off the court. I have spent hours improving my game, so on any given day or time, I would love to go out and get better at tennis.

Logan Mathews
Student, Helias Catholic High School
My outdoor adventure would begin early with a bike ride on the Katy Trail. There, I would witness the beautiful sunrise over the Missouri River. I would continue my day with a hike through the woods at Binder Park, where I’d encounter wildlife and then fish on the lake, catching and releasing several fish into the evening. Later, I would paddle around the lake in my kayak while appreciating my surroundings and enjoy the view of the sunset over Binder Lake. 

Crystal Moseley
Instructor, Health, Physical Education, and Wellness Department, Lincoln University
If I had one whole day to spend outside in Jefferson City, I would try to visit several of our fine parks. You could catch me there walking, running, or playing on the playground with my daughter. Once we get tired, we would go get ice cream and visit downtown to take in the great views of the Capitol, Governor’s Mansion, and the Missouri River. 

Jessica Kliegel
Network Administrator, IT Department, Hawthorn Bank
If I had a whole day to spend outdoors, I would go to Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Camdenton and experience all the park has to offer. Being outside and in the sunshine makes for a beautiful day.