What is your best organizational hack?

Scott Steele: Owner, Steele’s Fine Custom Meats

Scott Steele
Owner, Steele’s Fine Custom Meats
I don’t really have a hack. However, I do happen to believe that organization is an easy goal. It only requires two things: One, giving everything its own designated place to know where it is when you need it. And two, putting everything back in that place after using it. With these two simple tasks, you will always be organized.

Cassie Huckabay
Owner, My Fair Ellie

My best organizational hack is that I like to use shared Google Calendars for my work life as well as with my family. We also love using a handy labeling machine and have sort of a “parking spot” for common items within our household. This encourages and allows our children to be more involved in picking up and cleaning around the house.

Cassie Huckabay: Owner, My Fair Ellie

Amina Acelam: Commercial Loans Operations Assistant, Central Bank

Amina Acelam
Commercial Loans Operations Assistant, Central Bank

One of my best organizational hacks is writing everything I need to do each day down in my planner. I even like to keep it color coordinated, and I make sure to check it throughout the week and to look ahead at upcoming months. This way, I always know what I have going on and can make plans accordingly.

Rusty Drewing
President, Rusty Drewing Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, Toyota, BMW of Columbia, and Mercedes-Benz of Columbia

While getting pulled in so many directions can make it difficult to stay on top of things some days, having good people around me and setting a goal to devote even 10 minutes a day to putting together a to-do list helps keep me on track.

Rusty Drewing: President, Rusty Drewing Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, Toyota, BMW of Columbia, and Mercedes-Benz of Columbia

Cori Busby: Loan Officer, Accord Mortgage

Cori Busby
Loan Officer, Accord Mortgage

From our pantry to the kids’ stuff, we have a system that gives the kids boundaries, a routine to know where things belong, and establishes some independence. I love all things organization, so I could go on and on, but having everything in good working order at home and in my office allows everything to function efficiently.

Charlette Heyer
Owner/Designer, Organize That Space!
When maximizing space, I like to think outside the box. Creatively utilizing space helps make organization more personalized, affordable, and maintainable. Items like towel bars can be used as a scarf rack, jewelry organizer, or for lids storage. S-Hooks can be used to hang supplies or tools. With S-Hooks and bins, a variety of items can be stored in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc. Magnets can also be used to organize small tools, keys, spices, makeup, and toy collections.

Charlette Heyer: Owner/Designer, Organize That Space!

Tim Fick: Loan Processor, Jefferson Bank

Tim Fick
Loan Processor, Jefferson Bank
My best organizational hack is having a routine that I can follow each day. The more you follow, the more organized you will be. I set a time that I wake up every morning, eat breakfast, and then go to work. I do what needs to be done at work in order— start with the more important tasks, and then I do the smaller tasks. At the end of the day, I work out and cook dinner. The most important part of this routine is trying to get to bed by 9:30 p.m. to make sure I get eight hours of sleep.

Kate Zumwalt
Fourth Grade Teacher, St. Peter Catholic School

My biggest hacks a reusing vertical space, getting rid of paper clutter, and saving important documents by scanning them virtually in Google Drive, or another online drive, is a lifesaver. Also, many people forget about using wall space to get things off of a desk. I love using shelves and peg boards to move things around and utilize the space to maximize potential in an organized manner. Having things off of my desk creates a cleaner workspace for greater productivity!

Kate Zumwalt: Fourth Grade Teacher, St. Peter Catholic School

Omar Allen: Liaison of the Blue Tigers Athletics Club/RunningBack, Lincoln University

Omar Allen
Liaison of the Blue Tigers Athletics Club/RunningBack, Lincoln University

I like to think of myself as having a minor case of OCD. When putting things in place, everything has to be in a specific order, and I notice every little detail. It gets so extreme to the point where, in some cases, everything is even color-coordinated as well. I like to color-coordinate my closet, football locker, when I pack clothes for traveling, markers — essentially anything I own that has a numerous amount of different colors.

Melanie Carver
Interior Designer/Owner, Heartland Home Designs

Kids bring home so much art from school, so I started a storage system for each of our kids! First, I get a plastic file folder storage tote, and I get a box of hanging file folders. I use 17 folders in each box. Then, I label each folder (one for each year of school and a miscellaneous folder). When they bring stuff they made home, I decide if it’s worth keeping, then it goes in that year’s coordinating folder. It’s also a good spot to keep school photos, awards, or important health records. Lastly, I label each box with names. You can write on it with a Sharpie or have something printed that is more aesthetically pleasing.

Melanie Carver: Interior Designer/Owner, Heartland Home Designs

Tricia Baker: Owner/Baker, Plate & Pour

Tricia Baker
Owner/Baker, Plate & Pour
For me, it’s all about sight and accessibility! My go-tos are bins or cute baskets. When organizing a large space with tons of gadgets, like the kitchen, I envision how it was placed in the store. Dairy goes with dairy, produce with produce, and same for baking products. With a bin, I think of aisles in a store. I know where it is and make it easy to see. It’s quick, easy, and not overwhelming. Plus, colors, textures, and sizes of bins are unlimited! Make it fun. If you’re OCD like me, it must match the space!

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