What three words most accurately describe him?
Hardworking, honest, perfectionist.

When and how did you realize how important he was going to be in your life?
As a child, he was obviously very important to me. However, I didn’t truly appreciate everything he did until I started taking on a larger role in the business in the past five years. I then realized how well he balances everything.

How does he encourage/teach you?
He will probably tell you his encouragement (in construction) started when I was four years old. I would nail random scrap lumber together and build things. I smashed and hammered more fingers than nails, but that never discouraged me, or him. More recently he’s a sounding board for ideas and new construction methods; since we both believe in constant improvement. He isn’t afraid to tell me his honest opinion, which I believe is extremely important for positive growth.

What do you think he really loves about his career?
He loves the variety that is inherent in custom home building. He also enjoys working with our clients and others in local construction. Central Missouri is just blessed with genuinely good people. 

What traits does he have that make him successful?
Persistence, perfectionism, and being candid. He won’t ever give up on something until it’s done right. He will also always shoot you straight, whether you like it or not. 

Wayne Bernskoetter, Bernskoetter Construction, President

What traits did you inherit that made you successful?
I think some of the same traits. Any perfectionist knows that the trait is both a blessing and a curse. It is hard to be content and you always want to do better. Persistence and candidness are great as a builder, but they can sometimes be mistaken for impatience. 

What is his greatest strength?
He firmly believes if you are going to do something, do it right, the first time. What is that old saying? There are two ways to do something — right or again. 

What’s the best advice he has ever given you?
Take care of your clients and you will always have work. Sometimes that means doing extremely small tasks on short notice, evenings or weekends, but our clients are always appreciative. 

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from him?
How to treat people. Wayne has always been about doing things the right way and applies the Golden Rule in all aspects of life and business. He believes in doing honest, quality work for our clients and always paying our subcontractors and suppliers within their terms. These simple things are extremely important in the construction industry. 

What do you most admire about him?
His work ethic. Creating a small business with a great reputation and raising eight children is no easy task. (Along with help from my mother of course!) He woke up extremely early every morning and went to bed late every night to provide for his family. 

What else do you want to share about him?
He is definitely old school in many good ways. When it comes to
communication, if you want to get ahold of him, call him — he will always answer or get right back to you. However, texting has probably a 50% success rate and email has a 0% success rate.

Narrated by his son,
Brice Bernskoetter
Managing Member, Bernskoetter Construction