Tips to make your home feel warm during the winter season.

“I love to have the rumbling and whistling of a football game playing on the TV while I have a pot of soup cooking on the stove.” – Casey Marsch

Set the table. 

Start with a tray and fill it with different scaled objects. Having lots of items makes it cozy. Include at least one candle! Books are also great to change the heights of items.

Bring life in

Indoor plants make a home feel calmer, cleaner, and lighter. Try something like a bird’s nest fern.

Use textures and patterns

Mix all prints and textures with your pillows. Do groups of three, with taller ones in the back, and make sure at least one pillow has a pattern.

Locally sourced items: area rug and wall art, Major Interiors; chunky blanket, Beyond Heavenly Blankets