Onyx Aesthetics becomes the new beauty essential.

Eight years ago, Beyoncé stopped the world by releasing her self-titled album. One of the most popular tracks, “Flawless,” empowered women worldwide to wake up feeling flawless.

Onyx Aesthetics owner Heather Henke accepted this goal and has helped hundreds of women do the same.

“I am creating a look for you to wake up with, go to bed with, and it never wipes off ,” she says.

Heather is a licensed esthetician and cosmetic tattoo artist specializing in semi-permanent makeup. After two hours, her clients walk away with perfectly shaped eyebrows that last three to five years.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Heather stepped out on faith in August 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and opened Onyx Aesthetics at 1515 E. High St., Ste. 203.

Cosmetic tattooing was not her dream job. After graduating high school, Heather went to college to be an art teacher and play basketball. During that time, she discovered that path was not her passion, but she still wanted an artistic career. She attended Merrell University and quickly began her career at a local spa.

“I absolutely adored working there,” she says. “I learned and grew. And as I grew, I decided that it was just time for me to go out on my own.”

With the support of her clients and good friends, Heather began the journey to entrepreneurship.

Going solo was scary at first, but Heather has received support from the community, keeping appointments booked out for months. Quality relationships and the growing network of female entrepreneurs in Jefferson City keep her inspired.

“I got the coolest job,” Heather says. “I get to see women walk out with smiles and feel good about themselves. I’m not only their esthetician — I become everybody’s friend.”

Beauty Is Pain

Heather says during the initial cosmetic tattooing consultation, there’s always one question clients ask before they commit.

“‘Does it hurt?’ is always number one,” she says. “And yes, it does hurt — but beauty is a little bit of pain. But I also numb you throughout the process. So it’s very mild.”

There are different forms of cosmetic tattoos. Each has its process, Heather explains.

“So you have microblading, which is more of a natural hair-like stroke,” she says. “Then you have a hybrid or combo which combines the microblading and shading with a tattoo machine. And then you have shading, which is more of a tattoo machine and looks more like makeup.”

Onyx specializes in the tattoo machine process, which is state regulated. Those who have gone through the process agree that long-lasting brows simplify your getting-ready routine. Makeup that doesn’t wash off after a nap, the gym, or dancing all night is a huge bonus.

“Everybody wants that convenience of waking up and being done,” Heather says. “Life is a lot busier now than it used to be. Women are now working full-time and being full-time mothers and wives. It’s a lot easier for women to be able to already have it done every day than having to do it or feel the need to.”

Some may view semi-permanent makeup as a luxury, but Heather disagrees.

Tattooed eyebrows are more of a self-care practice to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence, she says. Clients of all ages are shedding the guilt of investing in themselves and locking in their ideal look.

“If I can do anything and be a part of making a woman feel like a woman again, I want to be apart of it.”

Giving Back

So how much does this cost? That’s the next question clients ask, Heather says. Onyx Aesthetics prices range from $150 to $500 unless you’re a cancer survivor — a 50% discount is Heather’s way of giving back to women who have endured so much during their cancer experience.

“They didn’t ask for cancer,” Heather says. “Cancer does not discriminate. If I can do anything and be a part of making a woman feel like a woman again, I want to be part of it.”

Women aren’t the only ones who can enhance their look at the salon. Men may tattoo their eyebrows to enhance their look or to mitigate health conditions or disorders.

Some may battle alopecia, a hair loss condition where the immune system destroys hair follicles in any part of the body, or develop thyroid issues, which can cause hair loss.Scalp micropigmentation, a form of cosmetic tattooing, conceals hair thinning, balding, or head scarring on both men and women. The tattoo strokes go deep into the skin and resemble hair follicles that mimic a buzz cut hairstyle.

Cosmetic services are a semi-permanent solution, nota cure to any condition. However, the happiness in the end is contagious.

“I get women who cry,” Heather says. “I’ll cry with them because at that moment they feel like they can finally take something off their shoulders.”