Vein Disease

It is estimated that upwards of 55% of women and 25% of men will develop vein disease in their lifetime.

What you need to know

People often end up seeking vein care when their problems have reached a crisis point. They have severe pain and swelling and often even sores. While we can still treat their vein disease, the process would have been much simpler if they had started addressing this chronic disease earlier. They also could have avoided years of unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Common early symptoms
There are many signs and symptoms that can be indicators of vein disease. Some of the most common are visible varicose or spider veins or tired, discolored, swollen, itchy, restless or fatigued legs.

Vein disease is genetic
It is based on a genetic weakness in your collagen. This was passed on to you by your family even if your immediate parents do not suffer from it.

Vein disease in progressive
Your disease will worsen with age. It is not going to go away if you ignore it. In fact, it can progress to blood clots, sores or infection in your legs. The earlier you address your vein disease the less likely you are to develop these more severe symptoms. Even if you do, they will be far easier to treat.

Lifestyles makes a difference
Three things you do can make a difference. Smoking and obesity will cause this process to accelerate and will increase your risk for blood clots. You can help, however, by exercising which can slow the formation of new veins.

Visual size of vein matter
No it doesn’t. There is no rhyme or reason as to who gets a few or who gets large surface varicose veins. The internal veins are the ones that cause serious harm. You may have no visible surface veins and still have terrible leg symptoms. Looks can be deceiving.

Treatment is quick and easy
Vein treatment is most often a series of simple in-office procedures with little to no downtime thanks to the advancement in technologies and medicines. You are able to remain active and continue to work throughout the treatment process.

You’ve got coverage
Vein disease is a chronic medical disease. Treatments are usually covered by typical insurance plans.

“Don’t wait! Your legs will love you for it!”

How we can help

If you have a family history of vein disease, typical leg symptoms, or any visible surface varicose veins, you should be screened for vein disease. Set up a consultation to have your legs assessed by our vein specialist and lower your risk for more serious problems. Don’t wait! Your legs will love you for it! Call us at (573) 761-5277 to schedule your appointment or use our online booking at

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