The best ways to spread your holiday cheer. 

Is  holiday decorating about trend or tradition? Try not to approach the holiday season feeling as though you need to completely overhaul your collection each year. Embrace the nostalgia and tradition by staying true to your favorite pieces. Honor your heirlooms by incorporating new pieces that complement your collection. A curation of holiday décor that sparks joy and signals memories of years past will bring holiday cheer to you and your holiday guests.

After you have assessed your holiday collection, do like Santa and make a list! What do you want to decorate? What is your timeline? Will you need assistance? As we all know, the season will be gone before we know it. The sooner you schedule your design and plan for assistance, the better for everyone. 

For a magical season, spread cheer throughout your home. Sometimes the small details can be the ones that take your holiday décor and entertainment to the next level.

Now we are ready for our bookshelves, mantels, and table-scapes. This is the place to practice your vignette game. A vignette is a curated style statement made up of a group of objects that are displayed on a shelf, a table, or elsewhere in the home. I have a couple of rules to make these stand out. 

  • Odd numbers of pairings always hit the eye better and create more interest. Stay away from matchy-matchy items or groups that are too symmetrical.
  • Work in a triangle shape. Have a high center point, then cascade with smaller/shorter objects as you move outward.
  • Is less really more? Or is more really more? If there is ever an appropriate time to go a bit overboard, it’s during the holidays. Layer in your décor until your heart’s content, and make it big, bold, and beautiful!

If you’re a minimalist, that is OK too. Simple can be just as elegant. Enjoy the moments, do not stress, and let your family and friends lend a hand. This will surely help spread even more holiday cheer this season. 

David Brandon Chambers