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Tenacious, Hard-working, Credible

Tricia Workman loves policy. She interned in college with an advocacy organization and knew she had to pursue the profession full-time. In 2014, she and business partner Michael Gibbons founded GibbonsWorkman, a full service lobbying firm, after working together at a law firm for five years. Tricia has been lobbying in the state of Missouri since 1995.

The firm’s expertise is representing clients with complex issues before the legislative and executive branches in Missouri. They know and understand the legislative process, have great relationships with legislators built on credibility and trust, and are able to navigate challenges on behalf of a wide array of clients.

Above all, they’re problem solvers, and that’s their business’ greatest strength. “Our ability to take on and successfully see through complex issues is what we pride ourselves on,” Tricia says. “Our clients typically do not have the need to pass a lot of legislation, but when they do have an issue, it’s complex and controversial and thus very challenging. We are known for making the improbable happen.”

GibbonsWorkman’s business philosophy is to be honest brokers, working with clients and members of the Missouri General Assembly and executive branch. Tricia and Mike have more than 40 years of experience with Missouri government. When you hire GibbonsWorkman, you’re working with the two of them, not a substitute. “When the legislature is in session, we are in the Capitol,” Tricia says.