Spring is the season when severe weather ramps up, and its effect on trees becomes a concern. 

Typical tree species like Oak and Hickory do well in storms. Still, issues can arise.

Consider the location of the tree: Is it on the west side of a structure? If so, a prevailing wind might blow debris from the tree into the home. 

Check for dead wood in the crown of the tree that might fall or indicate the roots are weakened.

Check for bark missing from the base indicating trunk and root weakness. 

The Emerald Ash Borer beetles have begun killing ash trees in Cole County. We offer treatments, but the window to prevent or kill them will be closed after 2020 or 2021. 

We can examine, prune, or remove a tree any time of the year, but pruning live oak limbs is best done in winter to avoid oak wilt. 

Fruit trees like ornamental pears and crabapples are particularly susceptible to diseases like fire blight if not pruned in winter.

Don’t wait, most of our equipment is compact, and on tracks, so it’s not necessary to wait until summer to do most tree work.

Accessibility may seem like an issue but we offer a crane that can lift trees out of inaccessible locations. 

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