Travis Stephens

Account executive for Modern Litho and Brown Printing || Graduate of Drury University || Partner of Dan Westhues

Community involvement:

  • United Way of Central Missouri, governing body
  • Boy and Girls Club of Jefferson City, Cork, Fork & Brews
  • Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce, ambassador, BBQ committee, Q125 committee
  • American Heart Association, Heart Ball of Mid-Missouri 2017

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned in business?

Doing the work that no one wants to do lays the foundation for getting the job you want. When I started at Modern Litho and Brown Printing, I took the approach to never say no to a project or ask for help. I felt it was my responsibility to “pay my dues.” That’s how you get ingrained in a company’s culture and how you become vested in its success. Now that I’m in sales, I found that taking a similar approach with customers is what makes the difference. People want to work with people who are interested in being part of the team. That’s the difference between a partner and a supplier.

What is the importance of community involvement?

Not being from here, community involvement was a great way for me to experience Jefferson City and all it has to offer. I found an extremely caring community and fun things to do outside of work. More importantly, I met several people who I now call my closest friends. Before I knew it, I had bought into Jefferson City. This community involvement journey, more than anything, turned this temporary stop into my home.

What upcoming project are you looking forward to working on?

I have worked on several events and projects in the past. The one that seems to leave a lasting impression on me, a “handprint on my heart” so to speak, is the Boys and Girls Club. I love working on Cork, Fork and Brews specifically, but really I like doing any project for the club. I will never forget the look on the kids’ faces when they walked into the new building. If I can contribute to their opportunity for success, that is a great day.

Most people don’t know that I:

Love a good home improvement project or woodworking project.

Favorite place in JC:

The Grand Cafe

Favorite app:


Favorite social media platform:

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