Nick creates realistic and attainable routines for his clients.

My passion for helping people become a healthier version of themselves has become my life — that’s how Training for Life started two years ago. It became obvious to me that my clients needed more from me to achieve their goals. They needed someone to be a healthy resource and help find the solutions to fit their new desired lifestyle.

I started working with Chip and Alex on putting together a realistic workout routine that would support both of their goals. It’s my responsibility to help my clients set some personal goals that get them excited and to make sure they understand how valuable their new habits can be to their health and performance.  

My training sessions have a foundation that includes all that you need to make progress. They include the following:

  • Functional movements
  • Performing basic movements that are necessary for active lifestyles at all ages.
  • Strength training
  • Focusing on each muscle group to improve strength and endurance.  
  • Core stability
  • Creating exercises that engage the core to support posture and stability.
  • Sport-specific exercises
  • Athletes must be aware of the exercises that improve performance.
  • Whole food nutritional plan
  • Food is fuel, and the more focused we are on making healthy choices each day, the healthier our family becomes.
  • Healthy solutions

I provide my clients with healthy solutions to their short-term and long-term goals. Learning about nutritional supplements can be challenging, which is why I help them incorporate what’s needed to get the progress they desire.