1299 Lafayette St.
The Linc

Passionate, Motivational, Driven 

Early on, Tracie Matthews-Ferrier discovered that fitness could be an empowering force in a person’s life, something that could give them the confident foundation needed to excel in all areas. “It’s something I’ve been passionate about since I was a teenager,” she says. “We’ve been given this one body to take care of — without your health, what do you have?”

In her position as head exercise coordinator at The Linc, Jefferson City’s newest fitness center and a collaboration with Lincoln University, Tracie can now bring that empowerment to all of Jefferson City.  

She’s known around town as “The Fitness Lady,” and at The Linc, Tracie has the opportunity to live out her core philosophy in business and fitness: It’s all about relationships. “In an industry where I work a lot one one one with people, it’s so important to take that time to get to know them,” she says. “If I want to continue to work with someone and help them reach their goals, I need to know the nuts and bolts about what makes them tick.”

Whether its playing sports like volleyball or pickle ball, getting a sweat on in the wellness center, or just walking the indoor track, The Linc has a fitness option for everybody — and Tracie will be there to cheer you on.