Classic with a Pop of Fun 

I’ve always loved fashion, even before I knew what it was. This fact is evidenced by my mom and grandmother Yiayia taking me in a stroller from Tergin Apartments on Washington Street for our daily trip to my grandfather Popou’s dry cleaners on High Street. Mom loves to talk about how she just had to show off what baby Carrie was wearing everyday as we strolled by the family-owned businesses downtown. Not much has changed since the days the future “fashion mayor” would slip on her grandmother’s diamond rings and ask for them when Yiayia “outgrew them.” As an April birthstone baby, I’ve always loved diamonds, and I’ve never outgrown the bling — I’ve taken it with me as mayor, adding sparkle and shine to our capital city.

My fashion sense is classic with a pop of fun and color: a flower, a scarf, or some jewelry. As an artist, I love painting, and fashion is like having a new canvas every day. We all have our unique style, and mine often reflects the celebration of the day: Jaybird red, Lincoln blue, or, like most of my closet, Missouri State maroon Bearwear!

carrie-tergin-town-talk-photo_480I love when fashion tells a story. A Saffees dress for the governor’s inauguration with American Shoe boots on the Capitol’s front steps. A stunning blue beaded gown from Ana Marie’s for the Governor’s Ball. A Saffees maroon dress at the presidential inauguration as we cheered for the MSU Chorale with a real River City rose corsage brought all the way from High Street to Washington, D.C. for the occasion. I especially like flowers — I’ll always cherish the memory of my dad bringing a peach-colored rose corsage for my first council meeting as Mayor. Fashion creates memories and can freeze a moment in time.

Mayor’s Fashion Advice:

  • Balance flowy with fitted, like a loose top with fitted jeans or a form-fitting top with a flowy skirt.
  • Accent with flowers, scarves, jewelry, shoes. I love my shoes in every shade of coral, pink, and fuchsia — especially in shiny patent leather. 
  • Don’t be too matchy. So what if your colors don’t exactly match? Mix it up, use silver and gold, and complement your color tones. 
  • Put it all on! This advice is best used when going out on the town or to a Rod Stewart concert. I wish I could have given myself this advice when I was younger, when I would ask, “Should I put on this bracelet or that one?” The answer is always “Put it all on,” and it’s always right.
  • Have fun. Make it you. Celebrate your fashion instead of wondering what other people will think. Let your fashion be a reflection of your personality. These rules apply no matter who you are, young and old. Wear what you love with pride and confidence. It will be your best asset and will always fit you perfectly! #FashionMayor 

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