Age: 36

Occupation: Photographer

Challenges since January 1
Eating! Finding a proper routine for my meals with a busy schedule.

Successes since January 1
No more drive-thru meals, no soda, and consistent workouts.

Tina’s Faves: 

Fitness app? Fitbit, Fit Radio.

Exercise move? Running and squats.

Musical artist to listen to while working out? Anything upbeat and hard hitting with fast beats. 

Initial vs Current InBody Results: 
Weight: 172.8 lbs. > 172.1 lbs.
SMM: 64.6 lbs. < 66.8 lbs.
PBF: 33.2% > 30.6%
BMI: 27.9 > 27.8

The Studio 573 Trainers:

Nick Baker, AFAA-CPT & Erin Bidlack, NASM-CPT