Age: 36

Occupation: Photographer

What apps do you use to track your progress and hold you accountable? I use the Fitbit app. I like how it uses my heart rate to accurately monitor my calorie burn and it also breaks down my macronutrients when I log my food. My Fitbit will buzz if I haven’t moved in a while to remind me to get moving. Just 250 steps an hour is totally doable, but sometimes I sit for a long time at work. It’s also very satisfying to log into the app and see that I have closed all my rings for the day. 

What’s been your biggest lesson in nutrition? Consistency is hard! I always start the week with a plan, meals prepped etc., but sometimes my busy schedule gets the better of me and I eat out of convenience and I have learned that DOES NOT work for me if I want to continue to change. I have to be super strict with almost no budging if I want results. 

How does technology make your fitness journey easier? The Fitbit app helps keep me on track, honest, and helps tracking my food easier. The support through social media is wonderful. The virtual workouts with the studio are a lifesaver if I can’t make it out to the gym. There are so many wonderful avenues that technology offers to keep people encouraged and accountable. 

What stat on your InBody means the most to you? I would say the fat loss and muscle mass mean the most to me. With at home scales all you see is the number. We forget that there are so many components to that number, more than just fat. So seeing it broken down to water, fat, and muscle helps me not beat myself up when the number doesn’t change as fast, or when it goes up and I see its because I gained another pound of muscle — that is super encouraging.

In moments that you want to give up or quit, what’s the motto you tell yourself to keep going? Stop giving up so you don’t have to start over . . . again! Put on your big girl pants and just suck it up. You have so many people watching you, show up. 

Initial vs Current InBody Results: 
Weight: 172.8 lbs. > 168.4 lbs.
SMM: 64.6 lbs. < 67.7 lbs.
PBF: 33.2% > 28.0%
BMI: 27.9 > 27.2

The Studio 573 Trainers:

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Nick Baker, AFAA-CPT & Erin Bidlack, NASM-CPT

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