5101 Sandstone Ln.

Confident, Trustworthy, Hard-Working

Tina Davis spent her summers as a kid sewing, drawing, and generally creating. When she took a design and construction class in high school, she was sold: design would become her lifelong passion.

Today, Davis has 20 years of design experience in building and remodeling of residential and commercial projects. She offers design services for every aspect of a project: from exterior to interior, furniture to window treatments to accessories. “Good design is no accident,” Davis says. “Good design has a purpose and should be unique to each space and person.”

Davis’ strength lies in her ability to match the needs of her customer to the best products for the project. This means having a thorough knowledge of the building process, including construction, products, installation, and design. Through her customer service, Davis helps clients understand that good design does not have to be costly, and the right products need to be placed strategically for maximum impact.

Her business philosophy is to make the best design possible for the client’s budget through excellent customer service and honesty. “Making spaces that are a reflection of the customer’s tastes and creating an incredible space unique to them,” is what drives Tina Davis with each client.