Each spring, elected men and women convene here to carry out the Missouri constitution. 

The start of the 2020 legislative session is integral to the vitality and economic fitness of Jefferson City, central Missouri, and the state as a whole. Similar to any physical fitness and wellness endeavor, it takes discipline and commitment to achieve a healthier economy for Jefferson City — and a more robust, fit state as a whole.

Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe

This area is very dependent upon state government, the largest employer in the region. While the legislature is in session between early January and mid-May, the overall size of state government does not swell during that time, but the number of visitors to Jefferson City certainly does. On any given Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday during session, people from all across the state travel here to participate in their government, talking with their elected representatives in the legislature or testifying on bills. Many stay in Jefferson City overnight, generating business for local hotels. Whether these Missourians spend the night or not, most of them will eat at least one meal while they are in town or fill up with gas before they leave. All 197 legislators in Jefferson City throughout the session amplify these same economic benefits every week.

In addition to the local benefits the legislative session brings to the greater Jefferson City area, the significance of the legislature’s work impacts Missourians throughout the state. Philosophical discussions relating to the size and scope of our current government are certainly worthwhile (and perhaps long overdue), but the fact of the matter is that the overall tendency for government is toward expansion. The legislature’s sole annual duty, per the constitution, is to pass a balanced budget. This is an important duty, and one that is taken very seriously, but it is not the sole focus of the legislature. They also consider many other important pieces of legislation while in session between January and May.

The greater Jefferson City area is very fortunate to be represented by experienced and savvy legislators who put the needs of their districts above their own and who represent Mid-Missouri values and priorities. Representatives Fitzwater, Griffith, Veit, Walsh, and Wood, in combination with senators Bernskoetter and Riddle, not only work to bolster Mid-Missouri, but they are also respected leaders amongst their peers. Each takes their job very seriously, and each understands that, though session may run from January to May, theirs is not a five-month job. Each is involved throughout their districts all year long.

I consider it a great blessing to live in Jefferson City and am honored to work in the capitol daily.

Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe

I consider it a great blessing to live in Jefferson City and am honored to work in the capitol daily. The men and women who serve their constituents as legislators are, overwhelmingly, men and women who come to Jefferson City driven to do the right thing and to represent the constituency they were elected to represent. Though there will certainly be political and philosophical disagreements about the role of government and specific policies, these healthy disagreements are an important component of our representative government. As you interact with the men and women of the legislature from across the state, I ask that you contemplate the work they are endeavoring to do, what they contribute to the greater Jefferson City economy, and how fortunate we are to have a front-row seat at the center of state government.