Combining luxury and relaxation with sophisticated function. 

What would you do if you had access to everything you could possibly want to put in your home? Undoubtedly, each home should be in tune with its occupants’ needs and furnished with special pieces that cherish old memories, but that shouldn’t keep us from enjoying some splendors of luxury. By combining extravagance with leisure, this home has the finesse to impress. 

Beautiful and ultimately user friendly, the kitchen features highly durable silestone countertops and island, which happens to be less absorbent than granite or marble. The island also includes extra storage shelving on its side, a second sink, and extra seating for family and guests. Integrating a touch of elegance to such a busy area, the owners added white cabinetry and metal artwork that shines when light comes through the kitchen window. 
Custom-made for its unique curvature, this large sectional helps to accommodate a growing family and guests within the home’s open kitchen. While this area incorporates a pendant glass chandelier, dramatic curtains, marble side table, and a shag rug, the couch is made of performance fabric so that guests can eat, drink, and spill worry free.