Contrary to legend, the concoction we now know as “The Stone Fence” was not devised the night before Ethan Allan, American soldier and trendy furniture-maker, launched his attack on the British pencil-manufacturing capital, Fort Ticonderoga. It was named much later, after a gentleman who dealt in stolen diamonds (hence “stone fence”), immortalized in the Guy Ritchie documentary “Snatch” (2000). My version is called “Bulleit-Tooth Tony,” after a character in the film. It is comprised of any brown liquor in your cabinet and apple cider.

For this, I use equal parts Bulleit Bourbon and Strongbow Hard Apple Cider poured over rocks in a tumbler. In keeping with the origin story, however apocryphal, the staunch American bourbon knocks out the sweet acidity of this British cider. You can tinker with the ratios to stage your own battles at home — “who’s going to win this time?” In the spirit of fairness, you should play best of seven.

Ryan Hart

For the last three years, Ryan has been a manager, busboy, host, bartender, server, janitor, and short-order cook at the Jefferson City Country Club. A spiritual advisor and licensed driver, he enjoys a good bivouac and is quite fond of the peg game at Cracker Barrel. He has never won, but “once got down to the last four,” noting his mother “was real proud.” When he’s not on the clock, Ryan spends most of his time volunteering for online surveys and playing golf.