The Beauty Bar of
Jefferson City
The Faces of
Boosting Confidence

Six years ago, Michelle Bassett, RN, had a vision to create an elite med spa with a warm, welcoming feel. She envisioned a bright, open space where everyone could come, feel welcome, and leave feeling beautiful.

At The Beauty Bar of Jefferson City, it is important to us that you feel like family and are comfortable with allowing us to reveal your inner beauty. Our team here at the office consists of a medical director, multiple nurses, estheticians, and a sonographer. As medical professionals, we understand the importance of continued education. As a team, we have traveled across the country to obtain advanced training, assuring that you will receive the best results. We also pride ourselves in offering the latest treatments with gold standard technology. All of our treatments are result driven, and our staff will always place your treatment goals at the forefront. 

Each member of our team is specialized and experienced in their area of treatment, and our staff strives to individualize each of your treatments to your specific needs. We are dedicated to the highest standard of care because it allows you to feel confident and comfortable before, during, and after all of your visits with us. At The Beauty Bar, we receive an undeniable joy in knowing that we’ve played a role in elevating your confidence and self-esteem. We want to leave you feeling restored, rejuvenated, and empowered. Don’t miss a chance to invest in your well-being, both inside and out, and discover the empowering benefits of taking the time to improve your presence of mind.

Our belief is that it’s not just about vanity, it’s about empowering confidence. To achieve this, we plan to remain at the forefront of technology and will continue to provide the best practices that help you achieve your goals. With our level of expertise, we can achieve the kind of results that you can be proud of while you feel youthful and refreshed for years to come.

Natalite Harmon, Heather Smith, Stephanie Gleason,
Michelle Bassett, Lori Lion, Kim Tippin, and Carla Wheeler

The Beauty Bar of Jefferson City:
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