Owned by Brinn, Richard, Xander, and Addison Thorsten

The Backdrop offers all ages a new type of entertainment venue – the self-photography or selfie studio –right in the heart of downtown Jefferson City. It operates similarly as a traditional photography studio with backdrops, props, and lighting, but guests are invited to take or make as many digital memories that their phone or camera can hold. This one-of-a-kind, photogenic space is perfect for:

  • Celebrating a milestone or birthday
  • Enjoying a night out on the town
  • Getting the familytogether for fun photos
  • Collaborating and creating content

Our mission is simple, bring people together by taking photos and having fun! The best moments at our studio are watching our mission be fulfilled. Often, the people who come in a little skeptical of the business are the ones who take the most pictures. Once they put aside their thoughts of not liking to have their picture taken, or that selfies are just for teenagers, they start making memories! We could have opened many types of businesses, but owning a selfie photography studio gives everyone in our family a place to showcase their talents. I love being able to put my creativity to work and seeing how people interact with it. Our daughter, Addison, has an interest in interior design and is helpful in coming up with ideas. Our son, Xander, loves being in front of the camera and excels at creating social media content for us. And, my husband, Richard, prefers to be behind the scenes and is our resident builder, handyman, and sometimes, voice of reason.

One of our favorite things about owning a selfie studio is seeing how guests interact with our space. Self photography allows the individual to express themselves in pictures just as they’d like to. When we create a backdrop we have a vision of how people might interact with it. But, we enjoy seeing people use their own creativity to make their pictures or videos unique to them.

“The best moments a tour studio are watching our mission be fulfilled.”

Richard, Xander, Addison, and Brinn Thorsten at The Backdrop JCMO
2023: Richard, Xander, Addison, and Brinn Thorsten at The Backdrop JCMO

Working with family can be stressful, but lucky for us, creativity reduces stress! Having fun while working is super important to making sure frustrations don’t carry over to home. We treasure the goofiness that commences with our kids. Music is always playing, and you never know who’s going to bust out in a song, dance, or melodramatic performance. We also never shy away from a new challenge for a backdrop. I love being able to take suggestions from friends, family, and guests and putting our own spin on it.

If there is one piece of advice I’d give about having a family-owned business is to set boundaries between home and work. My mind is always whirling with things related to the business, but I’ve had to learn how to shut it off so thatI can be present for my family. I’ve also had to learn that while my kids are willing to help, there’s a limit to the ask if you want the willingness to continue. While we all want our business to be successful, family comes first.

207 E. High St., JCMO
(573) 290-3963