Creative drink pairings for your after-dinner indulgences.

It’s always a special experience when we can indulge in fine dining. But how about treating yourself to something a little extra special any night of the week? When it comes to luxury foods, desserts can easily steal the show. Even after consuming, we often think about the full, rich flavors and elegant textures of each decadent bite. For this Gourmet, we skip the appetizers and entrees to explore the after-meal with drinks and desserts by Big Whiskey’s and Creatively Candice.

Raspberry & Chocolate Stacks and Belvenie

Fruit, chocolate, and more chocolate? Yes please! These raspberry and chocolate stacks are delicately crafted with tiny chocolate cakes, chocolate mousse, and fresh raspberries, and then topped with a raspberry bundt cake in white and dark chocolate drizzle. This dessert may be small in portion size, but it packs a lot of punch. Pair one, or two, with a Balvenie 14-year single malt scotch whiskey to balance out each layer of flavor.

Pistachio & Raspberry Cookies and Chocolate Espresso Martini

Pistachio and raspberry offer a unique take on the classic cookie. Drizzled in white and dark chocolate, they make for a perfect light dessert. Pair these with a chocolate espresso martini made with premium cold brew coffee and shaken together with 360 Double Chocolate vodka and milk. You can cure those sweet cravings without feeling too full.

Death by Chocolate Cake and Baileys Irish Coffee

Don’t even bother asking for a small slice — you’ll surely want to indulge in this death by chocolate cake.  With layers of dark chocolate cake stacked with chocolate ganache and chocolate coffee syrup, all glazed in a thin layer of ganache, there’s no wonder it’s to die for. Worried you might need a little pick-me-up? Enjoy this dessert paired with Baileys Irish coffee.  

Pistachio Ganache Tartlets and Old Smokey

These pistachio ganache tartlets are made of pistachio crust and filled with  soft chocolate ganache topped with gold leaf and crushed pistachios. With such rustic flavors, pair these rich, hearty desserts with Big Whiskey’s signature old-fashioned, the Old Smokey. Featuring Buffalo Trace bourbon and black walnut bitters, the drink is also smoked and shaken, giving it strong, savory aftertones that can easily stand up to the velvety ganache.

Orange White Chocolate Tart and Woodford Reserve Sidecar

A pleasing alternative to dark chocolate, the orange white chocolate tart features an 11-inch sugar cookie crust, a white chocolate layer  bottom, and orange vanilla custard filling. Topped with dehydrated orange wheels, pomegranate seeds, and white chocolate truffles, the dessert’s citrus flavor profile makes it an ideal partner to a bourbon sidecar crafted with Woodford Reserve and triple sec. Shaken together with raspberry purée, fresh orange juice, and garnished with a grilled orange wheel, it’s a match made in heaven.