We challenged the two CITY’s Best designers to take a room from blah to bold, and they shared some expert tips along the way.

Styling by Tina Davis and David Brandon Chambers

Decorate a room, your way, from scratch. That’s the challenge we gave CITY’s Best interior designers Tina Davis and David Brandon Chambers. Not only did we want to celebrate and acknowledge them as winners, but we wanted to give them an opportunity to show what they do best. We gave them a blank room, let them ask a few questions, and invited them to unleash their creativity. 

One of the challenges people face when decorating a room is where to start. There’s a blank wall and some furniture, but where do you go from there? How do you fill an entire wall? What pillows and accents will give the room the vision you are looking for? These are just a few of the questions our designers are answering. Read on for their advice.

David Brandon Chamber’s Resource List:

Items from Major Interiors:
Large Magnifying Glass
Small Magnifying Glass
Rhino Box
Travestine Stove Top Table
Round Glass Coffee Table
Medium Vase
Small Vase
Ash Pot
Green Floral
Navy & Gray 6X9 Rug
Carved Maize
Beaded Hat Box
Accent Pillows
Water Color Rings Artwork

Tina Davis’ Resource List:

Items from Major Interiors:
Wood Tray
Farran Small Bench
Persinemon Candle Holder
Large Jar
Small Jar
Plant Stand
Bottella Vase
Travestine Stove Table Top
Gold Side Table Lamps
Ikat Accent Pillow
Tall White Vase
Orange Book
Empire Bowl
Ceramic Bowl

Items from The Schaefer House:
Gold Orbe
Mercer Pedestal Table
Medium Seagrass Wall Art
Bohemian Paragon Prints
Large Blue Orbe
Small Blue Orbe
Gray Candlesticks
Orange Vase
Plant Stand
Gold Pear
Euro Pillow Breeze Tangerine
Home Sweet Home Accent Pillow
Heirloom Velvet Marine Pillow
Blue Multi Accent Pillow
Gold Geometric Accent
Rectangle Basket