BBQ tips

  • We use hickory wood for everything we do. Traditionally, smoked foods are smoked with wood that is plentiful in the local area. Hence, we use hickory.
  • Control your temperature, use lots of smoke, and have a good meat thermometer.
  • Apply your favorite rub before you smoke. Keep it simple with salt & pepper or have fun and add your favorite seasonings. There are no rules. A barbeque competition secret is to sprinkle your rub on right before you serve your meat. 
  • We use a mop (vinegar, rub, sugar, etc.) for our ribs to baste them right before we pull them out.
  • Put your mop in a spray bottle and mist everything before you serve.

smoke temp: 200°F
internal temp: 195°F
cook time: 13-15 hours
rest time: 2 hours
whole 12-15 lbs

smoke temp: 235°F
internal temp: 140°F
cook time: 1 ¾-2 ½ hours
rest time: 2 hours
whole 4-6 pounds

smoke temp: 235°F
internal temp: 205°F
cook time: 11-12 hours
rest time: 1 hours
whole 6-8 pounds

smoke temp: 235°F
internal temp: 155°F
cook time: 1-1 ½ hours
rest time: 30 min

smoke temp: 235°F
cook time: 3-4 hours
cook until ribs feel lose when slab is bent in half (not fall off the bone)

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Chef John Biggs
Chef Cliff has been with Prison Brews since its opening on April 7, 2008. He grew up in New Madrid, Missouri where he learned his southern cooking from his mother. Cliff has worked in several restaurants over the years, but trained under Chef D. Chef John’s focus is simple — local, fresh, delicious food. Sweet Smoke meats are smoked low and slow and are all made fresh daily. Come on in for some fast and friendly service, great tunes, beer, booze, and delicious barbeque!

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