Owned by Scott Steele

I remember when owning a butcher shop was just a dream of mine. We are currently in our first year of business, and it has been nothing short of a dream come true. From finding the most perfect location in town to building relationships with suppliers, customers, and then getting to serve top quality products to those customers — It has all been the most amazing experience. The simple dream of owning a butcher shop became a reality, and we opened our doors for business in October of 2022. Everyday is fun, exciting, and rewarding.

“We never shy away from going the extra mile no matter what it takes.”

When we first told our family and friends about this business, their reaction was, “Go for it!” We never shy away from going the extra mile no matter what it takes. We believe in delivering the highest quality products to our customers, always. I currently run the operations and am here working at the shop every day. My fiancé, Carol, works full time at Commerce Bank. She has been instrumental in our ability to open a business in Jefferson City. She introduced me to some great people within the community and helped with the entire remodeling project for the building we’re in. While I have many, she takes all my ideas and narrows them to keep me pointed in a focused direction. If it were up to me, I’d have 14 businesses already. In her free time, she also helps work the counter and manages our social media, so be sure to follow us on Facebook!

2023: Scott Steele at Steele’s Fine Custom Meats

We offer all locally sourced proteins ranging from beef, pork, chicken, and lamb, and we even offer other goods such as seasonings/rubs, local honey, and bbq sauces. Looking to support others in our endeavor, we also work with a variety of other small family-owned businesses to source our products. And it has been a great business model so far. Although we are just starting out, we always get excited when we meet weekly goals. We don’t go all out, but I like to celebrate with a cold beer. We hope that our legacy one day becomes that we have the highest quality meat and best customer service in all of Mid Missouri. Our goal is to be your first choice when it comes to shopping for protein to feed your family. Eat MO Meat!

1730 Jefferson St.
(573) 375-6585