• Hoagie roll
  • Jalapeno aioli or mayonnaise
  • Lettuce
  • Italian dressing
  • Tomato
  • Capicola
  • Salami
  • Bacon
  • Provolone 


  1. Slice and toast hoagie and spread with aioli.
  2. In a pan over medium-high heat, cook bacon, capicola and salami
  3. Toss lettuce in Italian dressing
  4. Build sandwich as follows: Bottom hoagie, capicola, salami, provolone
  5. Put under preheated broiler to melt cheese
  6. Remove and finish with bacon, tomato, lettuce and top hoagie
  7. Serve with your favorite chips!

Available at The Grand Cafe Thursdays for lunch through December!

Chef Carlos Davis

Chef Carlos Davis has been in cooking professionally for 20 years and has been at The Grand for about 3 now. His soups and lunch specials are always a big hit.

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