Making vehicles shine like new now and for generations to come.

When pulling up to the office and parking lot of Xtreme Body and Paint on Lomo Drive, there is so much more behind their line of massive garage doors. What is not typically seen is the spacious body shop, paint booths, mechanics, auto techs, and vehicles (including dump trucks, semis, buses, and ambulances) currently under repair.

When owners Chris and Liz Russell opened the business in 2003, they were pursuing a 5,000-square-foot automotive collision repair shop. Little did they know how much their small business would accomplish and grow over the next two decades. Chris and Liz began with a passion for repairing damaged vehicles and have since expanded their business into a full service repair shop with 70-foot drive through paint booths and a new 22,500-square foot commercial repair facility.

Today, as they prepare to celebrate 20 years of business in September, Chris, Liz, and their children operate their now-100,000-square-foot auto collision and commercial truck multi-building operation, serving Jefferson City and the surrounding communities. The massive shop houses several detail bays, lines of paint booths (including three new drive-thru booths), large areas for boat repair, RV repair, camper repair, and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. This spacious area allows them to make their customers’ vehicles “shine like new”.

Chris began his career in the collision repair business at a body shop in Lohman at age 15. After seven years of learning, working, and developing his passion, Chris and Liz, married for three years at that time, decided to become business partners. With Chris in the shop and Liz in the office, they built the business together.

Later on, Chris and Liz began expanding services, equipment, and square footage to service and repair larger pieces of equipment. In 2007, the Xtreme Body and Paint team added powder coating to their line of services, which adds a decorative and protective powder coating to the metal of various items from wheels to outdoor furniture. Customers can choose from hundreds of unique coloring options and textures to coat many products.

Workers at Xtreme Body and Paint in Jefferson City, Missouri.
Kelsey, Jordan, Liz, Chris, and Paige of Xtreme Body and Paint.
Kelsey, Jordan, Liz, Chris, and Paige

“One of the most rewarding aspects of the business are the people you get to meet and the friendships you make with your customers,” Chris says. “It’s all about helping people along the way. It’s an incredible experience knowing how a vehicle looked when a customer brought it into the shop and then seeing their expression when they pick it up.”

“We wouldn’t be here today without the dedication and expertise of our employees who put their heart into the work that they do each and every day.”

—Chris Russell

In 2018, with the addition of the commercial truck shop, Xtreme Body and Paint again expanded its collision repair services to large trucks and commercial vehicles, such as buses, boats, semis, campers, and RVs. Customers can even trust Xtreme Body and Paint with their semi tractor-trailer and commercial repair needs. The commercial truck shop features drive-thru paint booths made specifically for oversized commercial vehicles. They offer a variety of services such as extensive truck repair, commercial truck painting, and even full tractor-trailer painting. Repairs can include full collision, frame, fiberglass, aluminum and stainless-steel panel replacement, aluminum welding, and more.

Chris and Liz also employ highly trained automotive professionals who utilize the finest equipment and the fines techniques to handle all auto body needs. This team is made up of about 40 employees, all who are like family to the Russell’s.

“We wouldn’t be here today without the dedication and expertise of our employees who put their heart into the work that they do each and every day,” Chris says. “They work hard to provide the best solutions to our customers’ needs. They dedicate time finding the best, quality parts at affordable prices to assist in restoring and enhancing our customers’ vehicles.”

Workers at Xtreme Body and Paint in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Chris and Liz also spent the last 20 years building a family. The Russells have three children: Paige (husband Daniel, daughter Karahlyne, and baby on the way),Jordan (girlfriend Kelsey), and Larah, who Chris and Liz hope to carry on the Xtreme Body and Paint business as the next generation.

“Someday, we hope to pass on the Xtreme Body and Paint business to our children,” Chris says. “They have always been involved in the business in some way or another. Right now, Paige and Kelsey are working in the office, and Jordan is pursuing his dream as an auto tech out in the shop.”

“It’s been an amazing thing to watch and learn from my dad over the years,” says Jordan. “He really inspired me to pursue my career as an auto tech. I love taking vehicles apart and putting them back together, and then seeing the transformation that the vehicle went through when it’s ready to go home with the customer.”

Working with her dad, Paige says she has the benefit of learning all his best traits.

“I have learned from my dad’s selflessness to caring about each and every customer like they are family. I have loved experiencing how happy customers can be after seeing their cars shine like new again. His work inspires me to always do my best, whether I’m at the shop or navigating through my everyday life.”

Not only do the Russell’s strive to provide great service and experiences to their customers, they choose to invest in their community when opportunities arise. “We live in the community we serve, which is and always will be important to us,” says Liz. “The community has supported us through the years and continues showing up when we need them. We enjoy supporting our local schools, churches, and sports teams. We also enjoy supporting the Honor Flight and Children’s Miracle Network.”

“The most rewarding aspect of the business is the relationships we have formed over the years with our customers, the community, and our employees,” she adds. “If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here today.”

Xtreme Body and Paint in Jefferson City, Missouri.