Go outside and play!


Cornhole – It comes as no surprise that cornhole has taken over the backyard barbecue scene. The premise is simple — toss the bags back and forth while attempting to score on a raised platform. Plus, customizable boards can give players a little entertainment while playing the game. 

Ladder Golf – Also known as “hillbilly golf,” the objective of this game is to land the bola (two balls tied together with string) on one of the three bars. Official rules dictate that while the opponent is trying to score, the prerogative is to distract them in any way possible. How they become distracted is completely up to the player. 

Ladder Golf

Badminton – Badminton is a racquet sport that is similar in form to tennis, but the ball is replaced with a shuttlecock. This game can be played in teams, singles, or doubles. Fans of the game can also tune into the Summer Olympics and learn from the professionals. 

Croquet – Croquet is rich in history with roots dating back to 14th-century France. It is played in yards across the world and even on screen in Netflix’s “Bridgerton” series. Rules can vary depending upon which country it’s being played in, but the game generally requires a set of hoops, balls, and mallets.  


Beersbee – What happens when beer and frisbee are combined? A good time and Beersbee. The number of players on each team can be adjusted to accommodate the size of the group. The most important tactic of the game is to keep the drinks from spilling. 

Kan Jam – For ultimate frisbee enthusiasts, Kan Jam is the game to play. Go wild by throwing a disc into the can or deflecting the disc of the opposing team who is trying to score. The simple set up for this game makes it optimal for beach days.

Kan Jam
Big Jenga

Big Jenga – A larger spin on the classic game, Big Jenga will take players from the kitchen counter to the backyard — just watch out for when it all comes tumbling down. For an added element of fun, write challenges on each block so players have to complete a task for each block they pull out.