An experience is worth a thousand words.

When thinking about what to gift someone, our minds go straight to material things — stuff that can be wrapped or quickly tossed in a gift bag. But, for the next birthday or anniversary gift shopping, consider giving an experience. By tailoring the interests and personality of the recipient, you can give a present that is personal, purposeful, and impossible to regift!

Bowling | Strikers |
Rent a lane, lace up some bowling shoes, and put up the bumpers — if need be. A gift card to the local bowling alley is a great option fora date or family night.

Ghost Tour | Missouri State Penitentiary |
For believers or skeptics, a night searching for ghosts is bound to leave a chill running down anyone’s spine. For the horror movie fanatics, or the history buffs, the Missouri State Penitentiary provides ghost tours and history tours.

Skate Night | SK8 Zone |
There’s no better way to participate in a throw back to middle school than by rekindling the pastime of skating. Though the hair, music taste, and clothes have all changed for the better, give the gift of nostalgia for the price of admission and a skate rental.

Yoga Sessions | 11:11 Yoga |

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be hard to fi t in exercise — let alone time to relax. A yoga class can do both. Most studios offer one-class passes for the new yogis and monthly all access memberships for the more experienced practitioners.

Flying Lessons | Jefferson City Flying Service |

Give those “Top Gun” fans the chance to take to the skies. Flying lessons teach a unique set of skills that comes with a new sense of freedom and great views. Not to mention there’s a great lunch spot next door at the Landing Zone.

Sauna Sessions | Rejuvenation Stations at the Branch |

Get the cucumbers and fluffy robes because a spa day is always in order. A compression massage chair, infrared sauna, and BEMER therapy mat can provide pampering and a reprieve for hard workers, pregnant moms, and teachers alike.

Painting Class | Art 101 on Boonville |
Participants don’t have to be Picasso to paint the night away. Classes with different themes and for varying skill levels are offered. Whether the recipient is a serious art critic or just wanting a new creative outlet, a painting class is a perfect place to get started.