SB Designs: The Faces of Handmade Epoxy Designs

We are a family-run epoxy countertop and shower business; we combine our passion for art with a deep need to create beautiful things. Founded just three years ago out of necessity while rehabbing historic buildings in Jefferson City, we found that installing high-end counters and showers were a challenge as well as an extra expense due to working around bowed and non-conforming walls. With epoxy, we can create exact shapes to fit seamlessly while still allowing them to add value and beauty to the building.

I, Holly Stitt, love being an artistic visionary with a keen eye for design that sets the tone for our projects. With boundless imagination and meticulous attention to detail, I work to transform spaces into works of art, infusing each counter top and shower with a touch of magic.

 Working alongside me is my son, Michael, who serves as the bridge between our clients’ dreams and reality. From initial consultations to final installations, Michael is the face of the business, guiding clients through every step of the process with warmth and expertise. But his role extends far beyond our client relations; he’s also the master fabricator, spending many hours in the shop preparing custom counters for epoxy.

 Completing our family business is my husband, Nathan, who helps with fabrication and installation. My childhood friend Wendy sculpts the special edges and helps with epoxy along with my brother-in-law John, who helps with fabrication, installation, and everything in between. Each member brings a unique set of skills to the table, allowing us to create beautiful, high-quality products.

 We understand the frustrations that can come with remodeling. We use this knowledge to help our customers achieve their desires in a timely manner with minimal disruption. Whether it is a spa shower, beautiful stone-like counters, an outdoor kitchen, or a home bar, we can make a space more subtle or creative.

 We take pride in the beauty and durability of our products, as well as the relationships we have built with clients and the community. It’s clear that our passion for revitalizing old spaces has not only reshaped buildings but also our lives. Through our work, we have discovered the joy of bringing new life to old spaces, one custom project at a time.

Wendy Hayes, Nathan Stitt, Holly Stitt, Michael Stitt, and John Stitt

SB Designs: 615 E. Capitol Ave., JCMO | (573) 635-9199 |