santaYes, there is a Santa Claus. And, with all of my travels around the world, I especially love to visit Jefferson City. You should be extremely thankful you live here. From the schools to the fire department to the hospitals and stores, my elves watch and tell me of the comings and goings around town.

Be thankful you live in a community that has American flags flying gloriously from the East side to the West side. Be proud when you say you’re from Jefferson City. When you see a person in uniform, whether military, police or fireman, remember to thank them. They
are the community leaders who protect and serve. They deserve our respect.

It was once said that Santa is able to exist as love, generosity and devotion exist. These three qualities thrive in Jefferson City, and they give life its highest beauty and joy. Always look for what you can do in the community that is positive. Just the other day, one of my elves saw a young boy pick up a piece of trash and throw it away when it wasn’t even his. Another elf told me of children walking to raise money for cancer research. I saw a little girl praying for the policemen after watching the news. The amazing faith in our area is incredible. Did you know that without the birth of Jesus, there would be no Santa Claus? That is why I’m so happy when I see the churches and community of Jefferson City proudly celebrating his birth. It seems to me that the hearts of those in and around Jefferson City are larger and more giving, and that makes Santa very happy.

The saying that it is better to give than to receive is true. I need children and parents alike to become Santa today, tomorrow and all year long by giving their time, energy and good deeds. Even the smallest thing such as picking up trash can improve and brighten the future of Jefferson City.

When I watch children play on the playgrounds and also visit other places around Jefferson City, I see the love and respect you have for one another. The world needs more and more of it. Always remember everyone is important to Santa. It doesn’t matter who you are, the color of your skin or where you live. I need children, families and people to be more like Santa and give every time they see an opportunity. Be the Santa in your school, your home, your church and your community. Help your neighbors as you want to be helped. That’s how the North Pole works. We work hard for the person beside us, not just for our self.

How much more special and wonderful will Jefferson City be if each of us pledge to help one person in the coming month? Be a Santa, bless someone with an unexpected blessing and keep blessing others for the next twelve months. When you do good things, watch how you feel and see how much you smile regardless the time of year.

Love, Santa Claus