Ryann stands in front of part of a large mural by Japanese American artist Keiko Nameth on the second floor of Central Bank’s Motor Bank. 

Ryann stands in front of part of a large mural by Japanese American artist Keiko Nameth on the second floor of Central Bank’s Motor Bank.

Local Sales Manager for ABC17 and KMIZ

Ryann Gildersleeve is a dream chaser. Stepping out of her comfort zone, Ryann moved to Jefferson City from Atlanta, Georgia knowing no one in the area except for some extended family. Hoping to expand her network, Ryann knew her best opportunity to integrate into the community was volunteerism.

“Community involvement is so important, especially in Jefferson City. Our town has proven time and time again that it will give back to you what you put into it,” Ryann says. 

Just as she hoped, getting involved in the community has opened the door for Ryann to meet more individuals and find opportunities to truly make a difference in the town she now calls home.

From open arms to open ears

While volunteering, Ryann regularly puts into practice skill sets that have furthered her in the workforce. 

“The biggest lesson I have learned in my career is to listen,” Ryann says. “I make it a priority to listen to the goals and challenges that both clients and employees are facing.  We live in a world where everyone wants to get the last word in, but if you take time to listen, you will have the knowledge to make positive strides in your work and with your employees.”

This key cornerstone of Ryann’s work ethic has also enabled her to listen and respond when our community is in need. 

“I am looking forward to serving on the United Way of Central Missouri’s Board of Directors, and I can’t wait for the launching of Women United in Jefferson City,” Ryann says. “After the natural disasters that have affected our community in 2019, there is no better time than now to Live United, and I am confident Women United will provide a unique platform for women in our community to do just that.”

Connecting for Positive Impact

One of the women who showed Ryann the power of connecting in Jefferson City is Melissa Dunn, marketing manager at Huber & Associates and former Ones to Watch class member. “Missy’s positivity and optimistic spirit is contagious, and her positive attitude has no off-days,” Ryann says. 

Continuing to cultivate a strong network of local women, Ryann is an avid listener and proponent of a podcast from Jefferson City native Anna Thrash Keenan called “Self Made Sister,” which showcases successful women and tells the story of how they got there. Her experiences with friends and mentors has made her appreciate the personal side of success.

“Invest in yourself before investing in others,” she says. “Invest time and effort to make yourself a stronger, more successful individual, and by doing so, you’ll be able to lead and help others that much more.”


  • Jefferson City’s Young Professionals
    Board Member
    Social Chair (2019)
    Membership Chair (2020)
  • Big Brothers Big Sister of Jefferson City
    Board Member 
  • United Way of Central Missouri
    Board Member
    Campaign Leadership Team Member
    Co-Chair for Power of the Purse Event
  • Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce Ambassador
  • Women United
    Leadership Council Member

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