Your Own Way

What is the name of your business? The dealerships are named after me. Being in the car business in Central Missouri, I feel like this is the appropriate time to put my name on the dealership. I believe in a world of corporate consolidation that customers want to know that the dealership is locally owned and operated. What is your product? Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Toyota and in Columbia, we also have BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

When did your business get started? This business has been around in Jefferson City for 85 years. The Riley name and history is something that will be a part of this dealership forever. People will still call it “Riley” for years to come regardless of the name change, and that still puts a smile on my face.

Why did you decide to base your business in Jefferson City? We owned the Ford dealership in town previously and some of my fondest memories of the car business are being in that store. When we were looking to expand our business again, it was where we wanted to be.

How do you define success/celebrate a win? Wins come as a team, and success is defined by the results of everyone around you. If they are not successful, you will not be successful.

What kind of culture exists in your organization? Longevity and you achieve that by being invested in your people and taking care of them.

What quote or motto do you live by? Control the controllables and manage the uncontrollables. You can only control certain things and when it comes to other things, you manage them the best you can.

What sets you apart from your competition? Being locally owned, having great brands, and good, long-term employees.

How did covid affect your business? Covid made our business more efficient. We’ve had to learn to work with less in order to sell more. Ultimately, adapting to what the new normal is and trying to show customers the best way to get the vehicle they want.

How many employees? Our entire group will currently grow from about 80 full-time employees to 200 full-time employees.

Who are your biggest supporters? My wife, my father, and my family. Without them, I would not be able to do this. Their support means everything to me.

When someone is looking to hire a professional in your industry, what should they look for? Hire good people because good people will treat your customers right and represent you in the best way possible.

Do you feel like you have work/life balance? I have an amazing wife, Shannon, and an amazing son named Rory. They hold me accountable and make me balanced. Nothing is more important than family, and previously in the car business, I did not understand the importance of family and what employees’ demands were from their home life. I feel like now I have the tools not only to take care of my family but also to allow my employees to be able to put their families first.

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