Owned by Tyler Slaughter, DDS and Kim Slaughter

Our first year was a wild ride! It happened so quickly once we decided to take over Dr. Spencer Kemmer’s practice. We both had so many things to figure out on top of having a toddler and a new baby. We didn’t always have the answer, but we would err on the side of our team or our patients because it’s the right thing to do. Every year we got better, and nine years later, that is still our goal! We aspire to be better bosses, care providers, administrators, partners to each other, and parents — That’s what it’s all about.

Quinn all wrapped up while checking out patients at Riverbend Dentistry in Mid-MO.
2014: Quinn all wrapped up while checking out patients
Quinn, Dr. Tyler, Kim, and Wyatt Slaughter of Riverbend Dentistry located in Jefferson City, Missouri
2023: Quinn, Dr. Tyler, Kim, and Wyatt Slaughter

While we enjoy our downtime, work is a part of our family life, and it is unfortunately hard to separate. Many of our date nights are partially time to talk about business. Our kids have grownup going to the office. They sometimes come with us after hours if there’s a dental emergency or just to watch us work. Long-time patients will remember when our daughter, Quinn, was born in 2014, the year we opened. Kim had her every day, wrapped up on her back while checking patients out. She would fuss during calls to insurance companies or sit in empty paper boxes with toys to get a break. It was all hands on deck! Now, at 8 and 10 years old, Quinn and Wyatt love to scavenge the break room for snacks, do homework at dad’s desk, and maybe find a show to watch. They typically will do something helpful to earn a little treasure box toy, which later fl oats around our car or home. I’m so thankful our whole team just gushes over them when they come by. They love it, and I know they are so proud to see our office from Highway 50 as we drive to and from school!

As dental care providers, I hope that our legacy is that going to the dentist isn’t as negative of an experience anymore. When we decided “Dentistry done differently” would be our motto, we meant it. Less pain, more kindness, more education, more power given to patients to decide what’s best for them, and more giving back to our community. We want to break the mold of what people expect at a dental office, and our team is doing just that!

 “We want to break the mold of what people expect at a dental office…”

For new business owners out there, our advice would be to stay humble and surround yourself with smart people. We’re so thankful for the help we’ve received in accounting, financial planning, banking, insurance, etc. We aren’t experts in those areas, but we have trustworthy people who advise us so we can do what we do best. It takes a village to run a family business! You have to take educated risks. Being complacent and playing it safe isn’t how you grow. Sometimes, it won’t work out, but usually, we like to believe that it will.

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