A mixture of old, new and elegant style sets the stage for tasteful holiday decor.

designerpallette_MantleTraditional elegance with a splash of Old Hollywood flare is how Leana Fitzgerald describes her holiday designs at the home of John Wieneman and Don Roark.

“This project was the first time I worked with these two wonderful men,” says Fitzgerald, store manager and floral designer at Busch’s Florist. “I took my time getting to know them. They wanted their home to be something beautiful that they could sit back and enjoy. They also wanted to feel good about sharing it with friends and family. They were quite involved throughout the project with lots of great ideas and feedback. The three of us had a fun time putting it all together, and I think it shows,” she says.

Fitzgerald chose colors that flow with the home. “Because John and Don have a tasteful style, I was determined to provide a proper elegance that embodies them,” Fitzgerald says. “For instance, gold and glass were chosen to bring out their gorgeous chandelier. Red was for John. He loves red. Old Hollywood-style teardrops, filigree and crystal snowflakes and detailed rhinestone balls are  interspersed throughout. These elements all help to set the proper tone,” she says.

Whenever possible, Fitzgerald throws in a touch of her own. “I try to find a way to add ornaments or objects that say ‘joy.’ It is my favorite word. I like to give joy to others and people are always giving it back to me. Joy is my signature word because it is what gets me through the hardest and happiest times. You will find it incorporated into my designs whenever possible,” Fitzgerald says.


• Heavy clustering is the trend. Traditionally, ornaments were staggered evenly throughout the tree and other décor. Today’s look is more about creating drama with larger-than-life tree toppers and ornaments. It’s okay not to make everything symmetrical.

• All things sparkle. I love glittery objects because they add to the festivity of the season.

• Use colors and textures that play off of your décor. Having this kind of unity just makes for a more harmonious feel.

• Organization and preparation ahead of time make decorating much easier. I encourage clients to pull out all of their decorations and put them in one place. When you see all of your objects at once, it helps spark creativity and will prevent the exact same decorating patterns year after year. Your friends and family will delight when you use familiar materials in surprising ways and places.

• Consider hiring a professional designer. It is not as expensive as you might think, and you can be as involved as you like. Many of my clients are strapped for time, and we help take off the pressure. I often freshen my clients’ existing decorations and make little changes that have a big effect. Having a professional perspective can make a world of difference.