What three words most accurately describe these people?
Honest, hard-working, integrity. 

When and how did you realize how important they were going to be in your life?
Being our family, they have always been important to us, but as we grew up, we realized how important they are to the agency’s employees and clients as well as how important they’ve become to the Jefferson City community. This is often evident by how people in the community and their employees treat them, talk to them, and talk about them.

How do they encourage/teach you?
Tom, Rick, and Harry have always led by example and communicated that you must always do what is best for others, regardless of what is considered popular by the majority.

What quotes or sayings do they use most often?
“Be the best you can be.”

What traits do they have that make them successful?
They have always been very hard-working and have put in long hours. This includes working most weekends over the last 45+ years to build a successful business. They also value being honest men and are willing to help anyone regardless of the outcome.       

From left to right: Rick, Tom, and Harry Naught

Work hard to take care of others who take care of you”

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from them?  
They’ve taught us to “work hard to take care of others who take care of you.” 

What is their greatest strength? 
Their greatest strength is the way they value their family. 

What do you most admire about them?
We admire their strength to find the good in every situation and work through it together while protecting everyone in their daily path. They also have the ability to help those in their community, whether it be for fun events, fundraisers, or helping those after the storm.

Narrated by 
Jeffrey Naught (son of Rick)
Sarah Naught (daughter of Tom)